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What role can logistics play in creating customer loyalty

11th January 2018 Print

Historically, the notion of customer service being important would have been scoffed at by business experts. 

For most, this deemed as little more than a costly business discipline, and that has the sole purpose of performing damage limitation when brands had failed to meet customer expectations.

It’s only recently that brands such as Zappos have reinvented customer service as a strategic marketing opportunity, and one that can serve as a crucial profit centre to business-owners. By investing in customer service, these brands now utilise customer service reps as proactive marketers, who have ears of consumers when they’re most engaged with the company.

This ground-breaking approach can also be applied tom logistics, which plays a pivotal role in delighting customers and exceeding their expectations. In this post, we’ll discuss this further and ask how logistics can drive customer loyalty in the modern age. 

Appraising the Role of Logistics in Driving Consumer Loyalty

To understand the importance of logistics to retaining consumers and building loyalty, you need to consider the customer journey as a whole. After all, having a purchased product delivered conveniently and on-time is just as important as a seamless web browsing experience, and failing to achieve this can irreparably sully your brand’s reputation in the eyes of customers.

Not only is logistics important to the successful retention of customers, however, but it’s also a complex business discipline that can be difficult to manage internally. After all, the cost of setting up a fleet and establishing a strategic delivery network can be prohibitive, while most firms simply lack the expertise to do this effectively. So, even though retaining customers is around five-times cheaper that acquiring new ones, investing in a viable delivery model requires careful thought and organisation.

In fact, your best bet is to outsource deliveries to a reputable service provider that can meet your businesses needs. Ultimately, this choice of service provider is a deeply personal one for each entrepreneur, but in general terms it’s better to target firms that deliver a hospitable service and operate within a large network. Click here for the type of firm that we’re referring to, and one that can fulfil your practical requirements while also representing your brand in the best possible way in the eyes of customers.

The Last Word

By understanding the importance of logistics and partnering with a reputable firm that can meet your functional and branding needs, it’s possible to guarantee the type of positive customer experience that breeds loyalty and long-term retention.