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ERP software trends to watch in the retail industry in 2018

18th January 2018 Print

Every year, we see new trends crop up that seem to have a huge influence on the way business is run.  In 2018, it is expected that ERP software will lead to some massive changes in the retail industry.  Although this technology is already in common use, the software is becoming less complicated and more affordable, so it is very likely it will become even more widespread.  Let’s take a look at some of the trends we can expect to see this year.

Legacy Systems Will Be No More

Perhaps surprisingly, there are still some ERP vendors who have not yet encouraged their clients to move away from legacy systems like Epicor Prelude, Oracle EBS and Microsoft Great Plains.  This year, clients will need to change in order for their systems to work.  Most ERP systems now run on the cloud, and the older, legacy systems are no longer being updated as the companies who created them focus on newer editions.  The first trend we will see this year is companies moving to unified cloud based solutions.

Retailers Will Be Moving to the Cloud

A few years ago, most retailers avoided cloud based ERP systems.  However, this is all changing.  Cloud based ERP software comes with increased support, better scalability, and enhanced security.  It also allows for unified communications.  It is expected that the cloud based software industry will be worth over $26 billion within the next two years, and retailers are now taking the step to embrace it.

Niche Retailers Will Jump on Board

During the last few years, ERP vendors have realized the importance of catering software to small and niche businesses, in addition to the large businesses they usually serve.  In 2018, we expect to see more niche retailers jumping on board with ERP.  These new solutions are helping everyone from the pharmaceutical industry to the food industry; industries that have long seen the benefits of ERP but have not been able to find a solution that met their needs.

We’ll Be Going Mobile

In 2018, we will start to see more ERP systems available on mobile devices, enabling staff members located outside of the office to view things like billing details and reports while on the go.  This will help improve efficiency in businesses, while cutting down on the time wasted phoning the office.

Things Will Become Less Complicated

In the past, ERP software was quite complicated.  Although it had a lot of benefits for businesses, most didn’t take full advantage of them.  Others were worried about ERP merger integration, and whether the software would cause more challenges than it was worth.  This is all set to change in 2018 as the benefits of ERP software are explained in a way that the average retailer can understand, and the software itself becomes easier to use.

Are you a retailer?  Do you currently use ERP software in your business?  Let us know what you think in the comments.