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10 reasons to fall in love with Greece

11th February 2018 Print

There are numerous reasons to visit the beautiful country of Greece. 

Here are just 10 to consider: 

1. The weather 

If you are a sun worshipper, there’s no better location. Greece sees warm temperatures all summer long - especially in July and August - and even in the winter months it tends to remain in the double figures. 

2. The food 

The food in Greece is unbelievable, with traditional dishes served up in local restaurants that you’ll want to go back to again and again. Freshly caught seafood is always available, while gyros is the perfect midday treat as tender sliced meat, hot chips and fresh salad are bundled together in a warm pitta bread. For those with a sweet tooth, baklava is the perfect treat featuring flaky filo pastry layered with ground nuts, filo and honey. 

3. The famous movie locations 

If you’re a movie buff, Greece is definitely a must visit destination as a huge number of films have been shot on the mainland and across the stunning Greek islands surrounding it. The beautiful romance movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was set and filmed in Greece, as well as the musical Mamma Mia! and James Bond flick For Your Eyes Only. 

4. The beaches 

Greece is renowned for its beautiful beaches and some of these are best found on its islands’ shores. Elafonissi is a popular choice, with its pink tinged sand and crystal clear water, while Stafylos beach is a stunning cove with azure water and greenery to enjoy while spending the day lazing in the sun. 

5. The history

History buffs will be in their element on a trip to Greece as the ancient sites and temples lend themselves to hours spent exploring them and appreciating the rich history inside. Those who love reading up on mythology can visit the ‘real’ locations where the stories originate from - such as Knossos where the labyrinth from (Theseus and the Minotaur supposedly fought), or the city where Agamemnon (who raged war on the city of Troy) resided. 

6. Something for everyone 

Beach bums can spend the day on the sand, history lovers can head off to the city to explore and those who prefer a hike can take a trip to one of the many temples set high up into the mountains - Greece has it all. 

7. The nightlife

Those who enjoy a night on the tiles won’t go wrong with a visit to Greece as the locals know how to have a good time. Cities such as Athens or Thessaloniki are the best choices if you’re looking for a night out, with plenty of bars and clubs.

8. The thrill seeking experience 

Greece offers lots to see and do with a range of activities available to try out around the main beaches and resorts. Give base jumping a go in Zakynthos, try surfing in Tinos or head out into the big blue and try your hand at snorkelling or diving. 

9. The language 

Many of us feel comfortable in European countries such as France or Spain because we can decipher the language. However, Greece is a whole new ball game. Greek language is definitely a complicated one - especially in its written form - but it’s incredible to listen to and if you can learn a few key phrases you’ll be making friends with the locals in no time. You should always learn the basic phrases anyway - here are some to add to your repertoire. 

10. The short flight

If you’re heading over from Europe you’ll likely experience a flight time of four hours maximum - making Greece the perfect destination for a last minute trip.