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Test drive tips

18th March 2018 Print

For many drivers, taking a potential new car out for a test drive is vital to the buying experience, as it helps you determine if a car is right for you and your needs – or whether it's one to avoid. Steering, style, size, shape and space are all key to making a vehicle work for you, no matter what your needs are. Car dealers Lookers plc provides you with their essential tips and advice to get the most out of a test drive. 

From the exterior to the interior, it’s important that you examine everything about the car to make sure it feels just right. You'll want a vehicle design that appeals to your senses as well as being a good match for your personality. Make sure the profile fits how you'll use the car too – a low profile car will drive perfectly along city streets but might find country roads more of a challenge. 

Get a feel for how the car feels inside before you set off – are you comfortable? Are the seats soft enough or firm enough for you? Long journeys are going to be difficult to bear if you're sitting on stiff seats, and make sure to check with showroom staff to see if any trim packages are available to make the cabin of your new car even more luxurious.

If you’re looking for a family vehicle, it is wise to bring the family along to the test drive too – this way you can ensure that other drivers or passengers can also check if the vehicle is right and if they feel the same way about the car as you do. After all, it is important that it suits everyone. You should check for how easily the seat and steering wheel height can be adjusted so everyone has the comfort and accessibility they require.

Push the vehicle to its limits on the test drive – it’s only natural that you want to test the power and performance of the vehicle and ensure it performs the way you expected it to. Test the transmission to ensure it's easy to change gear and monitor braking and acceleration. It’s best to test these features on longer stretches where you can fully accelerate and feel how the car handles curves and bends. And of course, don’t forget parking!

Most modern day cars are equipped with new technology to make driving easier, and improve connectivity. It's a good idea to make sure you can use this technology with ease, and to see whether it's actually going to benefit you in the long run.

But most importantly, do you like the vehicle? Ask yourself that question at the end of the test drive – how do you feel about the vehicle? After all, a new vehicle is an investment whatever the price tag, so you'll want to be absolutely certain it'll deliver a better driving experience every time.