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Six ways your outdoor space can deter thieves and secure your home

22nd March 2018 Print

Keeping your home secure is a must for any homeowner or tenant. Burglars are getting craftier than ever, so it’s up to you to make sure that your home is locked and secure at all times with enough deterrents to send away thieves. Since most burglars will first check out your home from the outside, the outdoor area is the best place to add extra security features to minimize your risk of a break-in. We’ve gathered six ways of how you can transform outdoor space to keep your home better protected against thieves. 

#1. Light it Up:

Darkness is a burglar’s best friend, so keep the outside of your home well-lit to deter anyone who may be considering breaking into your home. Security lights that come on when movement is detected are often enough to stop anyone lurking around your home, particularly if the light is strong enough to alert anybody inside the home of somebody outside. Keeping your outdoor space lit at all times will make it easier for yourself and your neighbors to spot anybody attempting to break in. Check out the lighting options available from VOLT lighting that you can use to improve the appearance of your home from the outside and keep it more secure at the same time. 

#2. Have an Open Space:

While bushes and shrubs look great in a garden, keep in mind that they’re also some of the most convenient hiding places for thieves. Instead, keep your garden trimmed and minimize any large bushes and shrubs. Placing outdoor lights in trees and bushes is also a good way to ensure your yard has ineffective hiding areas for a criminal. More open space in your backyard or garden eliminates places for thieves to hide, and as a result, your home will be a less risky prospect for anybody looking to steal. 

#3. Use Outdoor Security Features:

There are several security products that you can use outside of your home to deter thieves and criminals. For example, a security camera located at the front and back of your home could scare away someone that is considering breaking in through the doors or windows. If you aren’t in a financial position to invest in a security camera and CCTV system for your home, you can find cameras that don’t actually record but do look just like the real thing. From a burglar’s perspective, there is no way of knowing if the camera is recording or not. 

#4. Install a Burglar Alarm:

Installing a burglar alarm on your property is one of the most effective methods of deterring thieves. You can research home security alarm systems to suit your needs. Consider if you want something simple and cost effective or plan to invest in a premium system with smart connectivity to send alerts to your smartphone or tablet. Simply having a burglar alarm in your home can be enough to discourage anybody who’s considering the idea of breaking in when your property is empty. If a break-in occurs, a loud alarm sounding can scare the burglar off your property before further damage is done. 

#5. Lock the Gate:

Installing a burglar-proof gate with locks is an effective method if you want to keep people completely off the grounds of your home. Today, burglar-proof gates for homes have greatly improved, so there’s no need to install an unsightly fence with barbed wire around your property. A locked gate at the entrance to the grounds of your home will help ensure that nobody can get through without your permission. A high wall or spiked fence can be also simple yet effective method of security.

#6. Find a furry friend:

Lastly, having a dog at home can be a great way to add extra security. Dogs are fiercely loyal to their owners and can be trusted to alert you if they are disturbed when guarding your home. If your property perimeter is secured with a fence or wall, certain popular guard dog breeds such as German Shepherds or Rottweilers can be trained to live outside and protect your home from trespassers. You do not have to get a big, scary dog, though – any dog breed can be trained to guard your home and alert you to anything amiss. When it comes to keeping thieves off your property, a simple ‘beware of the dog’ sign on your door or gate can go a long way as a deterrent.

Keeping the outside of your home secure by using various security features and deterrents will help prevent anybody gaining unauthorized access to your home. 

Let us know what you think of these ideas – have they helped you to make your home more secure? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.