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8 ways you can earn cryptocurrency daily

3rd April 2018 Print

There are many different ways you can earn cryptocurrency on the internet. This affords you an easy way to make some money on the side and also get involved with the crypto industry. However, just like everything else in this world, it takes something to make something. This means that earning cryptocurrency will require that you make some form of exchange. This can be your time, your expertise or your computing knowledge. 

Some of the ideas mentioned below require very little effort, but they also bring very little returns.  A few others will require a certain level of expertise or commitment, but they’ll bring in more earnings. 

Ready to start? Read on for 8 ways you can earn cryptocurrencies 

1 Bitcoin Faucets

A Bitcoin faucet is a website that allows you to get Bitcoin in small amounts every day at different time intervals. From the word ‘faucet,’ you can understand that you can only earn tiny amounts of coins just like the drip of water from a faucet; however, with enough patience, you can earn enough Bitcoin. 

Faucet websites make their money by placing ads on their websites. They use some proceeds from this ads to pay people who visit the adverts or complete short surveys. Some of the available faucet websites also pay a percentage for bringing other users to the faucet website where they can also earn a commission in Bitcoins. 

It is important to point out however, that faucets are not a realistic way of earning money as you may not be able to earn more than US$2 per day.

2 Micro Jobs 

Micro jobs offer you the opportunity to earn small amounts of Bitcoin for performing simple tasks. These simple tasks can be carried out within a short time and can involve anything from writing, editing, taking surveys, clicking on ads to testing software to sharing a social media post. 

You’re not likely to earn a fortune from micro jobs, but it affords people a nice way to ease into the crypto world and provides a reason to set up a wallet, get familiar with blockchain and have the experience of receiving and sending crypto coins. 


There are several websites where you can perform micro jobs. However, even though the payments may not compare to the consuming nature of some of the jobs, micro jobs pay more than Bitcoin faucets.

3 Mining 

Mining is another popular method of earning cryptocurrencies. It involves volunteering your PC’s computing power or resources to mine for a platform, or owing your mining gig and mining for yourself at home. Take note that a standard desktop or laptop PC will not provide enough CPU resources to mine successfully. You will need a high end dedicated PC, additional GPU and serious electricity before you can mine successfully. Even then, you have to allow for some months before you can break even.

There are a few faucet platforms where you can leave your standard PC and internet connection on so that they can use your power and resources for mining; however, this is a terribly slow process that’ll take a very long time to produce tangible results.

4 AirDrops

Anytime a new currency is released into the market, or the team behind a currency is looking at increasing awareness, they try what is known as an airdrop. An airdrop happens when the team behind a cryptocurrency distributes part of their coins for free, either to attract attention or for simple tasks like downloading software, sharing tweets, creating a wallet or subscribing for an ICO. Websites such as ICO Token News can let you know when airdrops are happening. 

5 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is not a new trend on the internet. Lots of bloggers, website owners and internet users have made money from affiliate marketing over the years. Affiliate marketing with cryptocurrency work with the same system as regular affiliate marketing. It simply involves selling someone else’s products on your website. 

Once someone buys a product using your affiliate link, you earn commission in cryptocurrency. Affiliate marketing takes some level of effort as you’ll need to share your link across multiple social media platforms and high traffic websites.

6 Gaming

This does not really need much explaining. As the name implies, it’s mainly about playing games and earning cryptos. As long as you have a PC or a Smartphone, you can visit any of the websites that allow you to earn for playing. 

Just like faucets, game websites earn their money by placing ads on the game platform. Some of these game platforms also have apps that you can download on your device so you don’t need to visit the website to play.

7 Binary Options 

In this case, there’s an element of risk; therefore you should only get involved if you don’t mind losing. Binary option is a trade strategy that allows you to predict if the price of a particular crypto coin will rise or fall within a particular period. 

If the price rises within the period you specified, you’ll receive the agreed payout. Conversely, if the price drops, you’ll lose your investment or stake. Most binary option brokers allow you to demo before actually opening a live account.

8 Selling Goods and Services – 

If you have an ecommerce website or you have products or services people are willing to pay for, you can accept cryptocurrencies. There are already a good number of businesses that accept Bitcoin for goods and services, including small retail businesses and large corporations. 

Accepting cryptocurrency on your store requires that you open a crypto wallet and place a link on your site with your wallet address. Accepting cryptocurrency on your store offers several advantages that traditional digital payments don’t offer. For instance, there’s less customer fraud and reduced cases of charge backs.


There are hundreds of other ways you can earn cryptocurrency. This list can serve as a starting point. As earlier noted, there’s no real way of making free cryptocurrencies; you have to put in effort – no matter how little – before you can earn anything. 

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