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6 travel arrangements you need to make on time

14th May 2018 Print

If you fail to plan your trip carefully, you will end up disappointed, cancelling your trip, settling for what you didn’t want, falling for scams and spending more money than you intended. Arrangements for your trip should begin as soon as the travel date is set. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, below are six key arrangements that should be done on time.  


How much money do you need for the trip? How will you pay for your trip? Your planning should start with an estimate of the cost of your trip. This includes transport, accommodation, food, and entertainment. Have a little wiggle allowance because most times you will end up spending more. Once you have a cost estimate, determine how you will pay for the trip. One of the benefits of planning early is that you get enough time to set aside funds for the tour. You won’t have to resort to short-term financing at the last minute when you realise you don’t have enough funds. 


Booking your flight on time has three key advantages. One, you get time to compare, find discounts and get the best rates. Two, you have the opportunity to choose a seat that is most convenient for you. Three, you eliminate the chances of postponing your trip when all flights are booked.  

 Airport Meet and Greet Parking Services

If you intend to use offsite car parking services, look for a service provider prior to your travel date. Selecting a service provider at the last minute is not recommended because you won’t have enough time to check the legitimacy and quality of services. Additionally, early booking could save you a few pounds. For instance, you could get a discount for Heathrow meet and greet if you contact the provider earlier. Most importantly, you will have enough time to inquire where your car will be parked and check how damages are handled. 


Just like flights, booking a hotel room on time gives you an opportunity to search the best deals, find discounts, and book the most suitable room. Ensure you book a room at least two to three weeks before your travel day. 


What will you be doing while on your trip? Have a list of places you would love to visit and activities for each day. A travel agent in the area you are visiting can assist in planning your trip if you are travelling to a location you are not familiar with. If you have activities that require tickets, buy them on time. For business travel, communicate with the people you are meeting and make the necessary plans. 

Home and Business

Make plans to ensure things keep moving when you are away on your trip. Make delegations in your business on time and complete all the tasks that need your approval. Back home, you may need a baby or pet sitter. This too should be an arrangement you make in plenty of time, to ensure you have the right candidate and that they are prepared for the task. 

While early planning doesn’t guarantee the perfect trip, it can help in eliminating some of the most common travel issues.