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The best summertime games to enjoy this year

2nd September 2021 Print

The summertime is here and through the month of August many of us will be enjoying backyard games, BBQs and holidays.

It’s the time of year where fun in the sun is a must, and this year it couldn’t be more true. But what games should you be enjoying this summer?


Bingo has really grown in popularity over the last few years, and with bingo halls in the UK back open, no trip to the seaside is complete without a game. 

It’s a staple of the Great British holiday and even if you’re not clued up on the game a useful bingo resource like this is more than enough to help out. You’ll find tons of info online to help you play, as well as set up your own games to play at home. 

It’s perfect for the garden, an evening in town, and a perfect summer game. 


If garden games are more your thing, then croquet is a fun and easy game for anyone to play. You may associate it more with aristocratic Britain, but all you need is a lawn or patch of grass and a croquet set and you’re good to go.

You can find them relatively easily these days, and there are plenty of sites offering up the rules of croquet. It’s fun for all the family and ideal when hosting friends and family.


Boules is another great lawn game, but also one that’s easy to pack up and take away with you too. Whether you’re flying to France or one of the other destinations currently available, or you’re going to your local park boules is a wonderful picnic accompaniment.

You can pick sets up relatively cheaply and the rules are straight forward to understand too. What’s more, you can play in teams or as individuals so everybody can get involved.

Beach Cricket

The Hundred has really boosted the profile of cricket this year, so why not pick up a bat and ball and head down to the beach for a game of cricket. There’s always plenty of space to enjoy the game, so all you need is a few friends, a set of stumps, a bat and a ball and you’re good to go. 

You can make up your own rules to make it easier, for example, you can’t be out on the first ball, or you are guaranteed a certain amount of balls when you’re batting to make it more enjoyable for all, and not just those that are slightly better at it.