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4 ways to keep your march break on budget

18th February 2021 Print

March Break is a much-needed chance to stop and recalibrate after the busy start of a new year. After New Year’s, it’s all about getting back to the grind, but after a couple of months back in the driver’s seat, by March, everyone is ready to relax.

But as parents take holiday time with school out, many also think of March Break as the perfect time for a family vacation. That can put a lot of pressure on your budget, even more so if you’ve been trying to pay off all the Christmas expenses that have added up on your credit card.

Even if you’re not planning a big getaway, if you’ve got younger kids and you’re planning on working through the break, you’re still going to have to pay more for childcare.

Don’t Let March Break Add to Your Debt

There are plenty of reasons to cut back on your Spring Break expenditures. At the top of the list is debt. For some people, budgeting and saving will make a real impact on their debts. Others may need to consider more extreme measures, such as bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy can discharge much of your unsecured debt and give you a chance to start over. If budgeting isn’t enough, check out this FAQ about bankruptcy and ask if it’s right for you.

Budget-Friendly March Break Ideas

Try these ideas for your next March Break to keep your costs down.

#1 Staycation

The staycation is the single most budget-friendly option for March Break. You save on airfare, hotels, travel insurance, and more. Vacationing as a family can get expensive quickly.

What are you going to do with all that time? If there’s still snow on the ground, hit the tobogganing hills one last time. You can also check out the library, as many host kids’ activities around that time of year. 

#2 Have the “Home Alone” Talk

If your kids are 10 or older, it may be time to have the talk about staying home alone. In some states and provinces, there is a minimum age at which parents are allowed to leave children unsupervised at home for any amount of time, but beyond that, all children are different.

It’s best to have a conversation with them about how comfortable they are with staying home alone. Start out with just a few hours to gauge if they’re comfortable before you commit to doing it for a whole work week.

#3 Head to the Cottage

If you’re not stuck at work and really want to get away, you can always get more mileage out of the cottage. Even if you don’t already own a vacation property, it might be worth checking out rentals. March is still far enough from peak season that you might be able to get a deal. Recharge and refuel with a winter cottage retreat.

#4 Plan a Winter Picnic

Still too expensive for your budget? Plan a winter picnic instead. Check out natural areas around where you live that provide scenic views. Whether it’s a beach or a park, bundle up and make sure to get plenty of hot beverages ready for a late-winter adventure.

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