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Car safety features you need to know about in 2018

22nd June 2018 Print

These days, it is surprising if you are over the age of 18 and don’t have a car, or at least have not passed your test! Car sales do not appear to be slowing down anytime soon and as the years have gone by, more and more safety features are being added to cars to make them safe should you, unfortunately, find yourself in a car accident. 

Being in a car crash is a terrifying experience and when this happens, everything in your car, from the contents to the people inside it will accelerate forward and at a rapid pace. This can cause serious injury but there are some ways in which cars will try and reduce these injuries as well as some extra measures that you can take yourself. 

Seat Belts 

We all know that we should wear our seatbelt, but for many of us, we are not actually that sure about why. Well, a seatbelt is designed to hold you in place during a car crash, so that you do not go tumbling around inside it! They will stretch a little bit during a collision and this increases the length of time that it takes for the momentum in your body to change. This should then prevent a lot of injuries should you be in a crash. 

Air Bags 

Another important car safety feature is an air bag. Again, this is to stop the momentum of your head moving forward and reaching zero, reducing the force and risk of injury. It should also prevent any cuts as it will act as a soft cushion. 

Crumple Zones 

While you will probably have heard about seat belts and air bags, you may not be aware of crumple zones. This is designated sections of your vehicle that are designed to be crushed in a certain way should they be hit in an accident. This will ultimately stop you from being crushed and will reduce the force that is involved. 


Truck bumpers are an extra precaution that you can take if you are worried about being in a car accident. If you are unsure of what truck bumpers are, it is a structure that you can attach onto your vehicle and it will absorb much of the impact of a collision. Not only is this designed to help keep you safe, it is also a great added feature as it is designed to minimise the repair costs that you will need to carry out. 

Anti-Lock Braking 

Skidding can be a very serious thing when you are in a car crash and when you have anti-lock braking in your car, this will prevent any skidding from taking place and will allow you as the driver to remain in control. Another way to prevent skidding is to also have traction control which prevents skidding when accelerating and can help prevent a crash from occurring in the first place.