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Five sights that will make you fall in love with Europe

3rd October 2018 Print

Europe is full of a variety of culture, and with so many countries being a part of it, it makes a perfect continent for you to explore. If you have decided to take a break from your busy, hectic life and want to travel to Europe, then you may want to know where the best sights to visit are to make the most out of your precious holiday time! We have put together the five most amazing sights in Europe, so you don’t miss out on seeing them on your time off. Did we mention these sights will also make you fall in love with Europe and make you hesitant coming home?

Health Care In Europe 

When you book your flights and hotels, you may need an EHIC renewal if your European Health Insurance Card has run out and needs to be renewed. With this card, if you are unfortunate enough to become ill or have an accident, you will be able to receive emergency healthcare while you are away in any country in Europe. 


There is more to Italy than just the stereotypical pizza and pasta, although we recommend that you do eat a lot of that while you are there! This beautiful country is home to some of the most romantic sights in the whole of Europe and with cities, including Vienna, Venice, Pisa, Florence and not forgetting the magnificent capital, Rome, all conveying the same beauty, you will find it hard to choose where to visit first. 

Venice, however, is an exquisite destination in Europe with nowhere quite like it. Travel by boat, rather than car and experience the city in a way like no other! Use these unique canals to visit and explore the magnificent architecture, showcasing the glory of the Renaissance and Gothic periods. If this wonderful city and country doesn’t make you fall in love with Europe, then we don’t know what will!

The Netherlands  

As you can probably guess, Amsterdam is the fantastic city in Holland which we are here to tell you all about. Also well-known for its canals, this capital does allow you to travel by car, bus or train. If you want to explore further, however, why not take a cruise tour down the famous canals by jumping aboard some of the many they have available. Home to a variety of museums, Jordaan district and diverse nightlife, Amsterdam is certainly a destination in Europe that cannot be missed! Fly or ferry your way to Amsterdam and enjoy the best stroopwafels the continent, and world, has to offer!


We couldn’t create a guide to the most beautiful sights in Europe and miss the fantastic country that is France off of the list. With its capital also being immensely well-known for romance, Paris is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, so don’t be the only person to not visit there! Packed full of history and a variety of monuments to see and many things to do, you will never get bored of this vibrant French city. If you do visit Paris, then you must take the opportunity to visit the extremely famous Eiffel Tower and of course have your picture taken in front of it. If you are travelling with little ones, then Paris is also home to the magical Disneyland Paris, which will steel your heart and allow you to re-live your younger years, whilst watching the delight on your child’s face throughout the entire trip. Whether you are a Disney fanatic or you have just seen a couple of Disney films, this won’t matter when you step inside this enchanting world. 


Are you after glistening blue seas to dip your feet or immerse your entire body? In that case, you need to jump on a plane to Greece, and in particular head on over to Santorini - one of the most extraordinary islands Greece has to offer. Many of the stunning whitewashed buildings have been developed into luxury hotels with infinity pools for your pleasure and enjoyment. This romantic setting is an ideal location for honeymoons and even weddings, if you want to tie the knot Mamma Mia style! 


If you really want to be blown away then you must visit Croatia. With its long coastline and diverse museums, this country embraces over a thousand islands and beautiful landscapes. A destination in Croatia, which we highly recommend that you visit, is Plitvice Lakes National Park. This park is like no other with its alpine forests, waterfalls, caves and lakes all being incorporated into one. Take one of the many hiking trails and explore the true beauty that this country holds. Did we mention that you can jump on a Game of Thrones tour, too?

These are only a selection of the beautiful locations that Europe has on offer to us all, which we can guarantee will make you fall in love with the vibrant continent. Don’t hesitate in booking your flights and packing your bags, because there is a lot you need to see!