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What are the Best Countries to Visit in Europe?

14th January 2024 Print

When it comes to holiday destinations, UK residents tend to favour Europe. It's obviously closer and more accessible than the rest of the world, but it's also got a tremendous amount of variety to offer. There are more experiences waiting on the continent than there we could feasibly enjoy in one lifetime. 

When you're planning your tours in Europe, therefore, it makes sense to prioritise. So, which countries are worth visiting, and which countries demand second and third helpings?


Being the birthplace of Western civilisation, Greece offers no shortage of history and culture. But Greece lies at the heart of the Mediterranean, and so there's plenty of sunshine and surf to soak up, too. You might go for a hike along the coast, and stay for a drink in one of the innumerable white-washed hamlets. Or, you might jump into the saddle of a jet-ski and enjoy a more high-octane version of the classic Greek holiday.


If Greece is the birthplace of the West, then Italy must surely be the nursery. The Roman Empire spread from here, and then later the Catholic Church. As you might expect, there are plenty of important buildings and structures, here. But Italy is also tremendously influential when it comes to cuisine. You can pick through the ruins of the Empire in Rome, before moving up to Naples to sample an authentic pizza, and from there moving south to Pompeii and the Amalfi coast. For shorter trips, it's worth concentrating on a specific part of the country – otherwise, you risk being overwhelmed!


This nation sits just over the English Channel, and it's among the world's most popular destinations with tourists. Around ninety million people visit France every year. They're mostly in it for the major cities, like Paris – but it's difficult to discount the appeal of wine country, which spreads across the south of France. Bordeaux is appealing, as is the little town of Arcachon, a little further out. Make time to visit a Chateau or two while you're in the area, and sample some of the local cheeses and wines.


If you'd like a holiday that's a little bit more affordable, then Croatia is certainly worth considering, too. It's packed with beaches, gorgeous little towns and cities, and sunshine. In other words, it's everything you could want from a holiday destination. Part of the country's appeal in recent times has been its use as a location for Game of Thrones - and you might recognise certain historic sections of Dubrovnik from the show

There are also plenty of stunning national parks to explore, making Croatia popular among cyclists and hikers, too.