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The easiest home improvement hacks you can achieve before the New Year

17th October 2018 Print

If you’ve had an exceptionally busy life in recent times, the state of your home may have dipped down in quality. That’s okay, as this is where home improvement can help! To assist with your efforts, power tools from SGS can really turn a middling project into an impressive feat of craftsmanship. With these tools and a series of quickfire projects, you can turn the state of your home around in no time.

Consequently, here are the easiest home improvement hacks you can achieve before the new year arrives. 

Tidying Up!

Instead of beginning your DIY project by adding new items and stock to the home, you should first sort out what you’ve amassed already. This will help with your organisation skills later on, and may also even lift your mood so you feel more motivated to get to work. In the end, things become easier when there isn’t clutter tripping you up or no room to store your new tools. 

It’s not even just about practicality, but aesthetic value too. The job might not look as big when everything is tidied up, and it might bring you a sense of relief when the home looks nicer than you thought it might be. Big tasks need to be broken down first before action is taken, so chucking things out will clear up some space to get a better perspective on your situation. Begin with a good spring clean!

Realign Shelves and Pictures 

Sticking with the theme of space and aesthetics, it’s time to set wonky things straight again. We’ve all had times where our pictures have flopped a little lopsided, or a shelf has buckled and given way, sending books and DVDs tumbling to the floor. For some people, they can stay that way; once it’s broken, it’s dead to you. 

Well, it needn’t be this way. You might be surprised at how much a home can be improved by simply straightening these two things up again. When they’re displaced, it can generate a sense of the home being incomplete and in a sense of disrepair. However, when things are working as they should, it creates a neater atmosphere. Hammer in some new nails into the shelving units and rebalance the picture frames; it’ll really make a big impact! 

Coat Hooks

It might not seem like the most ground-breaking home improvement discovery, but coat hooks can go a long way when it comes to outfitting a property. After all, if you have a hall area near your front door, then it needs to be used. That’s the focus of this article; using spaces in the way they were designed for. 

Of course, we can get into a habit of dumping out clothes on the floor or draping coats across dining room and armchairs. It’s a habit you need to break. By nailing in some quirky coat hooks in the entrance way, near the back door and even in the garage area, there is always room for yourself, family members, roommates and guests to hang their coats safely and without clutter. It’s quick and easy with big results!