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Can boiler breakdowns be prevented?

12th December 2018 Print

It would be a nightmare if anyone had to wake up in the middle of a cold February night, slowly realising the fact that their boiler has stopped working and the house is freezing cold! Unfortunately, that does happen a lot every winter on the Isle of Man due to multiple reasons. However, such incidents can be prevented with timely and regular boiler maintenance, supported by some basic maintenance steps by the owner.

Pipe Lagging

It is important to lag the boiler pipes in autumn or early winter, because once the temperature gets cold enough, the pipes could get damaged in a matter of days. If the pipes freeze over, they will probably crack soon after, not to mention that the frozen pipes will make the boiler work a lot harder to heat the water, which will inevitably skyrocket the electricity bills. Lagging is cheap, eco-friendly and most people can fit boiler pipes with them on their own, but calling in a boiler service Isle of Man is always an option if the particular task needs a professional touch.

Water Pressure

Maintaining optimum water pressure is essential in boilers because if it goes too low, not only will the heating be subpar, there’s even a chance that the machine will lose some of its efficiency over time. On the other hand, if the water pressure is too high, it’s a dangerous situation for obvious reasons. Check out this guide on reading boiler gauges to maintain water pressure for optimum efficiency, but if the water pressure keeps dropping or getting too high, book an appointment with a plumbing professional to get it checked as soon as possible.

Professional Installation and Repairs

One of the common mistakes to make after buying a brand-new boiler is that of getting it installed by an amateur, or trying to do it all by yourself without sufficient experience and knowledge regarding the model. If you are looking for boiler installation Isle of Man, book an appointment with a certified and experienced professional at to save your boiler from breaking down in the near future. The same advice applies for regular servicing as well. Experienced technicians will be able to detect problems and address them accordingly during the maintenance calls, therefore eliminating any chances of the boiler breaking down without notice. 

Keep It Active During the Summer Months

Switch off your boiler once the weather warms up again, but do turn it on for at least fifteen minutes to half-an-hour every month. This will not put any significant strain on your power bills, but it should be enough to keep the boiler active and ready for winter.

Given that the boiler is just another machine, it would be impossible to predict that nothing will ever break down even if you maintain it. Nevertheless, with regular maintenance and repairs, it is possible to monitor and change damaged parts before the boiler is completely compromised. Therefore, boiler breakdowns can definitely be prevented, as long as the owner keeps the discussed points in mind.