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Style accessories for men: 5 must have items

24th January 2019 Print

When it comes to men’s fashion, we almost always talk about the primary wardrobe essentials like the white dress shirt or the navy blazer that every man should own, but what about the accessories? Are they really optional like the very term “accessory” suggests? The answer would be, not at all. On the contrary; a style expert would argue that they are as necessary as any of the primary items on the usual list of men’s essentials. Choosing the right accessory can be extremely tricky though, and a lot depends on the overall attire that you are wearing on the occasion, but there are definitely some staple items that needs to be available at all times in a man’s collection, so that he can use them according to the need of the hour.

The Brogue

The shoes of a man are definitely not accessories but primary essentials. However, today we are going to discuss the brogue, which is so versatile that it can essentially be considered an accessory as well! You can basically wear a pair of dark brown or dark tan brogues with almost anything, be it casual, semi-formal or formal. The lighter you go with the shade, the more informal it becomes, but it is never really too casual for semi-formal events or the day-to-day office. Ideally you should also add a black oxford to your collection for those black-tie events, but a dark tan brogue should definitely be the priority.

The Necklace

A man’s necklace is often a combination of his faith, belief system and of course, his sense of style. It is best to be minimalistic when it comes to men’s necklaces, but a lot depends on your personal sense of style as well. Check out the gorgeous gold and black crosses from Gucci on SSENSE to know what we are talking about here. Whether you are religious or not, they have a decent collection of necklaces and bracelets to choose from, so surf a bit and find the right piece of jewelry for you. Going with a brand like Gucci is an assurance of quality and definitely adds that tiny bit of bling as well!

The Black and Brown Belts

The brown belt is just like the brown brogue; it’s versatile enough to be worn with virtually anything out there, but it is a basic and unbendable rule of fashion that you cannot clash leathers, so that black belt will be necessary for days on which you will need to wear black leather shoes. Whether it’s leather or not, it’s a general rule of fashion to make sure that the shoe and the belt are not clashing. They do not have to be of the same exact shade, but when you are wearing formal clothes, make sure that the belt and the shoes are at least similar in color.

The Premium Wristwatch

When it comes to men’s fashion accessories, no other item is as important or grand as the wrist watch. Do not be duped into wearing an expensive smartwatch as a style statement, especially when you are in your formals. Instead, stick with a classic analogue watch that comes from a reputed watchmaker. Also, it is important to understand that a wristwatch might no longer be necessary to keep time, but it still is an irreplaceable piece of men’s jewelry that will make or break your image among the right crowd, depending on your choice.  While it’s easy to recommend a Patek Philippe or a Rolex, do not worry if you don’t have the budget for one. Go with reputed brands like Tissot or Seiko that offer lower-priced timepieces. Even they will not be cheap, but it is better to have just one premium watch, rather than ten counterfeit Rolexes.

The Sunglasses

Sunglasses come in whole range of shapes and sizes, with some of the more popular styles being the wayfarer, the rounded retro and the aviator. As a general rule, you should have at least one of each style, but if you would never wear a rounded pair of shades like most wouldn’t, there’s no point in owning a pair of those of course! Black or dark blue aviators are safe bets, but feel free to experiment, as long as the color goes with the attire you’re wearing.

Ties, cufflinks and lapel pins were not included in the list, however, they are not only useful, but could even be essential, depending on the kind of occasions that you go to the most. A point to remember is that even an expensive, well-tailored suit would be ruined if it wasn’t complemented by the right shoes and a great tie. People in the higher tiers of society will often judge you by the shoes or the watch that you are wearing, even before you realize that fact.