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Top 5 tips for maintaining your windows and improving their lifespan

21st February 2019 Print

While modern double glazing comes with the advantage of low-maintenance features, it's important that you do not neglect your aluminium and uPVC windows, as this will help to extend their lifespan. 

How can you ensure that your windows remain intact for as long as possible? Pay attention to five of our top tips for maintaining your windows and improving their lifespan. 

Don't forget to pay extra attention to the window that you use the most. For example, it may be that your kitchen or bathroom window is open and closed several times a day, and so needs additional care.

1. Clean the frames as well as the glass

Routine cleaning of the frames is one of the best ways to retain that "as good as new" appearance in your windows. Regularly cleaning the frames will keep the finish looking brand new for years to come – and even more so for powder coated aluminium windows. 

2. Clean the glass using soapy water

With windows, general cleaning is rather straightforward. Many windows now feature self-cleaning glass, meaning that they are pretty low-maintenance and rather competent at keeping themselves free of dirt. Still, you should be reminded that, following installation, the properties of self-cleaning glass tend to take around a month or so to activate

Windows with standard glass should be cleaned using washing-up liquid and water. It is advised not to use a high-pressure hose, as this would risk damaging the sealant between the glazing and the frames. 

3. Remove stains carefully

Often, general cleaning may not be extensive enough to rid your panes of stains. If so, it may be wise to purchase a specialised glass-cleaning product, as many stains require a cleaning solution of higher strength. Such cleaning solutions should contain toluene, xylene or mineral spirits.

However, if your windows have self-cleaning properties, any cleaning solutions considered abrasive should be avoided. Similarly, never use any hard objects, as they are known to destroy self-cleaning surfaces.

4. Maintain parts

Generally speaking, uPVC windows shouldn't require any additional care in regards to locks and hinges (unless they are broken). Hinges and similar metal components may need lubricating occasionally. If so, light machine oil should be used here, while all other types of oil and grease should be avoided. Such a task should be completed once annually.

5. Oversee any damp issues

You should always be wary of damp conditions, as these can wreak havoc with your double glazing. Any mould on the frames or window sealants should be dealt with immediately, as this will help to prevent further problems. 

Condensation can also damage your windows; hence, it's important that you aerate your property regularly. You should do this even more frequently in humid rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. 

Following the installation of new windows, many companies, such as Polar Bear Windows, will offer advice regarding aftercare. You also may be provided with a maintenance guide. You should always adhere to such advice provided, as this will help to maximise the lifespan of your windows, both frames and glass. 

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