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Travel companies place emphasis on improving websites in order to improve sales and bookings

17th March 2019 Print

The travel industry is enjoying a period of growth, with international tourism and spending on the rise for the past eight years now. In fact, the tourism industry is now one of the largest most robust industries in the world. Statistics show that as of 2017, the industry was worth more than $5.29 trillion worldwide thanks to a number of factors including increased flights and scheduling, new resorts and destinations that have been marketed efficiently, and technology, which has made it easier than ever to book a holiday.

With numbers like that, travel companies are now looking for ways they can improve their own sales and bookings, and the answer seems to lie with their websites. 

Online Bookings are the Norm

Travel companies are always keen to follow the statistics and trends so that they can not only provide what customers want, but they also stay ahead of these trends and are ready to react. All you have to do is take a look at the numbers in 2018 and there is a clear trend that is taking place. That trend is online booking, which has never been easier and faster.

According to a report on StatusCake, 81% of people booked their holidays online last year, which is substantial, to say the least. Not only that, but it seems it is the beginning of the year, meaning right now, where bookings are typically made. Much of this can be blamed on the winter weather that has many thinking about escaping to warmer climates.

So, how can travel companies stay competitive in today's market and get their share of the profits? The answer lies in the quality and ease of use of their website.

Creating User-Friendly, High-Tech Experiences Online

For many travel companies and agencies out there, the days of clients showing up in person to speak to a travel agent are long gone. Just as so many industries have discovered, the online world is where it’s at business-wise. With that said, many of these companies are now seeing the benefits of pouring resources, money, and time into creating an exceptional online experience for customers through online virtual travel agents and the website itself.

Just what makes the online experience exceptional? Well, there are a few things that stand out to customers, and one is a site that is easy to navigate, and another is that the content loads fast. Pricing and availability in the travel industry changes by the minute, so having a site that can load information quickly is not only a benefit but it’s imperative in order to remain competitive. 

Customers want to know they can rely on a site to provide them with the very latest pricing information and guarantee a spot in their top choice hotel or on the flight of their choice. They don’t want to miss out on a deal simply because the page was too slow to load.

Here's an especially alarming statistic for these travel websites: if a customer has a negative experience online, they are 79% less likely to make a purchase from that site in the future.

The Statistics Don’t Lie

So, as the travel industry continues to grow and evolve, companies are learning that the real bread and butter to securing business lies in the online experience they provide for customers.