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8 ways to make your car look awesome

15th April 2019 Print

Having a car can be quite expensive, so it is not surprising that many car owners spend a considerable amount of time looking after them. This is because your car is likely a crucial aspect of your day to day life. From the commute to work to doing the food shopping, cars are essential in helping us to get around, and we can find ourselves spending a lot of time in our vehicles. 

If you use your car every day and for various reasons, then you want it to look and feel great. Here are eight easy and not too expensive ways to make your car look awesome, so that you can enjoy it even more! 

Keep it Clean 

Our cars can soon start to be filled with rubbish if we don’t take the time to keep on top of it. Every time you get in and out of the car, you may find yourself leaving empty water bottles, receipts and food wrappers behind. After a few weeks of using your car as a mobile rubbish bin, it can start to not look or smell great. If you keep a used tissue box filled with carrier bags in your glove compartment, this will encourage you to empty the rubbish more often.

There are other small but helpful changes you can make when it comes to making your car look awesome. For example, if you find your boot full of random items that make it look messy, then you should invest in a boot organiser. These can be found online or at car accessory stores that allow you to store items in your boot in an organised way. Not only does this make your car look tidier, but it also makes things easier for you to find. 

Update Your Number Plate 

Another way to make your car look awesome as well as unique is by updating your number plate. While some car owners invest in a personalised number plate, others prefer the more classic look of pressed aluminium number plates. No matter what sort of number plate you are looking for, you can use the website to find a wide range of number plate options that all adhere to the British requirements and standards. Number 1 Plates have an easy to use number plate maker, so you can play around with the style and price to suit your vehicle. 

Get New Floor Mats 

Floor mats get a lot of wear and tear due to them being used every time someone gets in or out of the car. They can soon become dirty or worn out, so by treating your car to some new floor mats, you will see a massive improvement in your car’s appearance. 

While you can also try to hoover the floor mats before buying a new set, new ones can give your car a brand-new feel. You can also get weather-appropriate floor mats so that you have a set for summer and winter. This can be a great way to keep your car floor and carpets looking clean and fresh for longer, no matter the weather outside. 

Seat Covers Can Look Great 

If you have small children or are simply concerned about the daily use that may cause your seats to look old and worn-out after a while, then seat covers are a great way to protect your car seats while giving your car a fresh look. 

You can buy some pretty cool seat covers nowadays, from leopard print to more basic prints; you can get affordable seat covers to make your car look great. 

Have Sparkling Windows 

It can sometimes be difficult to find the time to keep your car looking clean on the outside. But by cleaning the inside and outside of the windows on your car, then you can improve visibility while making it look awesome! 

Many car owners keep window cleaner and a soft cloth in the boot so that they can give their windows a clean on a regular basis. You should also have some wet wipes to hand in the glove compartment to help you tackle any stains on your windows as soon as they occur.  

Keep on Top of Maintenance 

Cars can require a lot of maintenance. From changing the oil to a regular MOT, some forms of car maintenance are more expensive than others. While this may not directly impact upon how awesome your car looks, it is essential if you want your car to stay in good condition for as long as possible. 

By keeping on top of whatever maintenance your car requires, you can find that your car stays in good working order a lot longer than if you were to neglect it. If you have an older car, then you may consider taking it to your local car mechanic to check that everything is in tip-top shape. By ignoring potential problems, you may find yourself with a much larger bill than expected in the future. 

Get New Wheels

While it is a more expensive option when it comes to making your car look awesome, getting your vehicle some new wheels can be a great way to give it a fresher look. The wheels on your car can make a massive impact on not only your car’s appearance, but also on how your car feels to drive. Cheaper cars are likely to have cheaper wheels, but you can always upgrade your wheels when you buy new ones. 

Have a Repaint 

If you fancy having a change in the vehicle you drive, but don’t need or can’t afford to buy a new car, then you could consider getting your current car repainted. This can completely change how your car looks without it costing you a fortune. The price of getting your car repainted will likely depend on the quality of the paint, but you should be able to find a price that suits your budget. 

Our cars can become very crucial to our daily lives, so it is no surprise that how they appear becomes so important to us. These different options are a great way to make and keep your car looking awesome!