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The interior trends worth investing in for the year ahead

17th April 2019 Print

With the days getting brighter, if not warmer, our attention naturally turns to the home. With thoughts of spring cleaning, many of us will be making notes on interior too. The colours and textures that worked so well in the darker winter months are suddenly far too drab against the warmth of sunshine slowly creeping in. Updating your home for spring, and the year ahead, doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Below are some ideas on the trends we think are worth the investment for the year ahead. 

Scandi minimalism 

This trend remains popular for another year, though we predict it’s not going to go away any time soon. Scandi minimalism is all about beautifully paired back design pieces that will last you for years to come. Typically, the colour palette is neutral which gives many of furniture pieces in this style a timeless appeal. If you’re not sure where to start then look to bigger pieces like sideboards, great for storage, and sofas, dwell makes stylish and minimal ones. Spend a little more on these pieces if you can as they’ll last you a long time, without going out of fashion. 

The new neutrals 

The days of magnolia may have been left behind in favour of white and the ease it affords though the trends are saying that it’s all about the new neutrals. Shades of beige, stone, and greige (that’s beige and grey) are still in, with interior designers encouraging DIY-enthusiasts to look at sage greens, muted pinks, and olives too. It’s easy to inject a little colour into any space, without it feeling like a huge change. Shop for muted shades and try out a few different ones on a wall before picking the final hue, making to observe how the colour behaves throughout different light conditions – you might love how it looks bathed in morning light but find the shade unflattering in the evening. 

Urban jungle

The trend for plants sees no slowing down. First, it was dainty succulents scattered on any available surface and now it’s all about statement plants, reminiscent of trees to make a big impact. Even if you’re not particularly green-fingered, there are plenty of hardy plants out there to withstand periods or under and over-watering. Look for banana leaf plants, rubber trees (many plants in the ficus family are resilient), prayer plants, and much more. For maximum impact, group plants together playing with height differences, leaf textures and colours. Pick unique, decorative plant pots that compliment your interior design; lots of plant stands are also available to help position your plants in the best possible way. 


Own up, who promised to get around to ‘putting up some pictures’ but never really managed it? it’s quite a few of us as it tends to be the last task on the decorating list, relegated to non-essentials. Art has always been big news in the interior design world and thanks to affordable printshops popping up everywhere, there’s hardly an excuse to not give your walls some love. Big and bold pieces typically serve as a focal point to any room and as such work great in dining rooms and above the sofa. For something a little low key, hang two or more thematically linked prints together just about anywhere. The gallery wall trend really came into its own last year, remaining a great option for anyone wanting to really transform their with the help of prints.