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How multi-channel retail can make your life easier

14th July 2019 Print

Nowadays business is all about being seen in the right places, especially online. Having your own website is good and well but often times it might not be enough to attract enough customers to make a purely online venture feasible. 

This is where multi channel marketing comes into play, with the right combination of advertising, pricing and service your business can reach new heights by leveraging this innovative technology. 

Multi-channel retail is not a new concept, it has been around for some time now but many companies have been avoiding it because of the perception that it requires a lot of work and effort to manage multiple sales channels. The truth is that multi-channel retail can be dead simple to implement if you use the right tools. 

How Can You Start Using Multi-Channel Retail Technology?

The fastest way to a fully multi-channel enabled business is by using an e-commerce platform that offers support for multi-channel retail. These platforms are almost universal in that they can be used by most businesses, regardless of their size or the products and services that are being sold. 

In order to start using multi-channel retail, you should look for a platform that supports multi-channel marketing. Most of the leading e-commerce platforms support this functionality and even offer easy management of multiple channels via a simple to use interface. The central management function that most platforms offer makes it possible to avoid problems with unsynchronised stock items and prices and negate the need to manually update each sales channel individually. 

The possibilities that using multiple sales channels opens are endless and it is imperative that every business with an online presence invests in the technology. Research has shown time and again that people prefer buying the goods and services that they need online instead of visiting a physical shop and those who do visit the shop often check the relevant items online before buying. 

If your company is not featured on the platform that a customer chooses to use, you stand the risk of losing out on the sale. While this is generally not a problem when the sales volume is low, it can quickly become a problem when the volume increases. 

How Can You Integrate An E-commerce Platform In Your Business?

Integrating an e-commerce platform is a relatively easy process that doesn't require too much time. The exact implementation duration will be dependant on the size of your business and the amount of functionality that you require. Set-up times can range from a few hours to days. The downtime is well worth the rewards that come with using a state of the art e-commerce platform that can meet all your business needs.

When deciding on the right e-commerce platform for you, keep in mind that your business may grow and expand in the future and leave some room for expansion by opting for a modular system. This will enable you to grow without any restrictions.