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Is self-storage a cost-effective option?

25th September 2019 Print

Trying to decide whether or not self-storage could be an option for you and your family can be difficult. Some people consider it to be a completely viable option which gives you much more flexibility whilst others think that it is just throwing money away. Who is right? Can self-storage solutions be a cost-effective option for you? Let’s take a look. 

The Right Storage

The very first thing you need to do is find a self-storage unit which is going to work for you. The cost of self storage can vary quite wildly between different companies and you need to find one which works best for you. A price which is too good to be true probably is. Placing your goods there might put them at the risk of being stolen due to poor security. On the other hand, putting them in a top facility might just be too expensive for you. Make sure you research well and find the right balance between price, security, and space for your needs. 

It Might Be Cheaper Than Upsizing

Most people need more space in their homes, that is a fact. Some might look into upsizing or building an extension as a way of gaining more space without actually considering that hiring a self-storage unit might actually be a lot cheaper. 

With upsizing, you will quite often have to pay a higher mortgage. When building an extension, there is so much that can go wrong with the build eating up money or getting caught in a dead-end of planning permission applications. A self-storage unit might cost less per month than what the raise in mortgage would cost you and it will obviously cost far less than if you were going to start a building project.

You Can Reclaim Room in Your Home

Are you someone who is guilty of putting all your off-season clothes into the cupboard in the spare room? Do you have a space in your house which is basically given over to nothing but storage? There is absolutely no reason why you cannot move your home around by investing in a self-storage unit.

This will allow you to place everything currently occupying space in your cupboards into a space which you can organise more efficiently for storage. Once you have moved everything around within your home, you will maybe even be able to reclaim a room. Why not create a playroom or den where the entire family can gather together and enjoy themselves? The memories that could be created here will be more than enough to justify the money spent on the storage space.

It Can Be Used for Added Security

Has there been a spate of burglaries in your area in the run-up to your big annual holiday? You might be feeling a bit nervous about leaving your most expensive or treasured goods relatively unprotected for a week or two. If you feel like you would spend more time away worrying about what is happening back home instead of enjoying yourself, it might be better for you to instead put those precious things somewhere safe. A self-storage unit with dedicated 24-hr security can give you some of the peace of mind you are searching for.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why a self-storage unit might actually be a very cost-effective option for your household. If you feel like you are running out of space or you want to give something a little more protection, look into acquiring one for your needs today. There are many options out there for people who feel like they need a little extra breathing space and the self-storage unit might be the perfect solution for you.