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Persuading reasons why you should learn Dutch

3rd October 2019 Print

Are you having a hard time deciding whether you should study Dutch or not? This article will first and foremost help you make up your mind. These are some reasons why you should consider Dutch.

Since English is progressively becoming a global language, most native speakers do not speak a second language. However, there are ever immense advantages to learning other languages, for instance, Dutch, which is rich in literature. Thus, Dutch offers abundant and diverse literary works on which to read.  This language is also spoken not only by the Dutch but also nationals from Dutch Guyana, Suriname, and South Africa. Although Holland might be quite small, its influence in the world economy is rather significant, and this cannot be ignored.

Learning to speak and understand this language will ease your day-to-day if you are living in Holland. Simple tasks such as shopping, ordering food from a restaurant or watching the news become simpler and fun when you have basic knowledge of the language. It will also aid you in making new friends and connections all over the world. Furthermore, when you are looking for a job, internship, or doing volunteer work, having Dutch as an additional language may prove to be useful. In some cases, it is a requirement. It can also be instrumental if you want a career in an international company because language skills are quite a vital factor in those corporations. It also plays a significant role in helping you translate Dutch to English.

8 Persuading Reasons to Learn Dutch

You may hope to go on a vacation in the Netherlands; looking for a holiday getaway or an interest in learning Dutch. There could be various reasons why one would need to get familiar with the language. The question that is springing up in the minds of everybody is why it would be advisable to learn Dutch? Primarily, a lot of the Dutch people communicate in English. If you are contemplating to learn the language, here are a few reasons why you ought to learn Dutch: 

- If you communicate in English, you have a unique and favorable position; learning another dialect can be very unpredictable from the start. In any case, learning Dutch is extremely simple on the off chance that you know English compared to learning other dialects. The language shares various similarities with English making it easier to learn if you already speak the latter.

- Connections will be simpler to create; most Dutch people will be welcoming and supportive to a learner of their language. What's more, naturally, who does not care for a little appreciation? Just as much, learning to speak the language allows you to build interactions and foster relationships with people who speak the language. 

- A fun language to learn; typically, most understudies learning Dutch say that the learning process is generally invigorating and incredibly fun as you progress. When you start learning the language, you expectedly encounter a great deal of trouble with the culture. However, as you advance through the framework of learning a European language, you will additionally start to find it very captivating. 

- You will have the option to keep abreast with the most recent news in Dutch. On the off chance that you are keen on finding out about the distinctive significant occasions occurring in the nation, through learning Dutch, you will more than capable of understanding the news and papers without the need for a translator. As you may have seen, global papers do not generally bring news about the Netherlands more often than not. Likewise, if you are working in a Dutch organization, you may discover plenty of your colleagues tuning to radio stations during breaks or having exchanges about things going on in the nation.

- You can start when you need to; having learned a couple of fundamentals of the language, one can begin having little discussions with individuals around them. Making a point of consistent practice on the language or investing deliberate and exclusive energy examining it ensures that your skill in the language increases exponentially. 

- You will be able to comprehend publications; as would be expected, official documentation from the Dutch government is in the national language. An understanding of the language enables you to speak to and understand the government officials. This is especially essential when filling out government documents. 

- There is a great deal of culture in learning the language. Essentially, the most capable method for learning the way of life of a nation you are living in is by communicating in their language. There are various ways in which your way of life is different, uniquely so, from the Dutch culture. Therefore, learning the language while integrating with the people allows you to comprehend the diverse Dutch traditions and propensities substantially. 

- It broadens the opportunities at your disposal in the job market; If you intend to move to the Netherlands, getting a job would be a critical requirement. On the other hand, an employment opportunity could be the reason for the migration. As might be expected, various organizations will offer employment as long as you are conversant in the English language. Be it as it may, the capability to communicate in Dutch expands your horizons as your eligibility to work all around the country broadens.

Author’s Note

The Dutch language, similar to the country itself, has both English and German integrated into it. Therefore, as you begin your journey in learning the language, various German language basics you might have learned in school will help you in the vocabulary and grammar. Additionally, if you are good at German and can understand it considerably, you stand at an advantage in the beginner steps of learning the language. From here, you can easily construct simple sentences in Dutch. If you are already having a clear picture of the windmills in the Netherlands, do not hesitate further. Start learning Dutch now!