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5 smart upgrades you need to make to your home

31st October 2019 Print

It seems that the “smart” moniker is being added to just about everything these days. We’ve had smartphones for over a decade now, smart fridges are catching on, and even though the Smart car is a brand, cars themselves are becoming smarter and more efficient with each passing year.

There are plenty of reasons to put some of those smart upgrades in your home. It will help raise your home’s value, makes your home more eco-friendly, and for all intents and purposes, it just looks cool.

If you’re someone who’s buying and flipping houses, these are also some tips you could take with you. You’ve gone through a lot of work meeting with real estate agents, meeting with lenders, and finding contractors, so it’s time to up the value a bit. 

We’ve got the perfect list for you to help get you started on your next smart renovation.

Home Security System

While a home security system is not new, more and more people are opting to install their own security systems in their homes. Not only is this much cheaper (no installation or ridiculously high monthly fees), but you can easily connect them to your devices for full control.

You can buy most systems at your local electronics or even some hardware stores and install them in an afternoon. You might not be the Tower of London, but you’ll take a big step into making sure your house and valuables are well-protected.

Bring in a Smart Thermostat

Every smart thermostat comes equipped with a robotic, Terminator like voice that warns people not to touch it if they get too close. Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be amazing?

Smart thermostats are quickly becoming the norm in houses all around the country. They can be linked with your phone, programmed for certain times during the day, and help you save bundles on your energy bill.

One of the cool features many thermostats have is something called geofencing, which will detect when you leave and enter the home. When you leave, you won’t have to worry about turning off the heat as your device has taken care of it for you. 

Video Doorbells

Another trend that has caught on quite quickly in the last year, video doorbells are becoming one of the ways to keep homes safe.

The way they work is quite simple. Motion-activated, these doorbells will start recording anytime someone comes up to your door. It could be you, the mailman, or a relative dropping off a homemade casserole. 

When they come to the door, your phone will automatically receive an alert so you can see what’s happening. Like home security systems, they can be installed on your own in just under an hour.

Install Smart Light Bulbs

Smart lighting is a new trend that is still in its early stages and yet to fully catch on. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth your while.

These light bulbs are LEDs which means they’re already better for the environment than your regular light bulbs, lasting longer and being more efficient. 

When all the light bulbs are installed, they can be connected to a central hub via the internet to turn on and off at certain points during the day. They also function to save energy, making sure the light always goes out when someone leaves the room.

Plug in Smart Plugs

While not nearly as flashy or cool as other items on the list, smart plugs are a way for you to conserve energy and make sure you’re getting the most out of your electricity.

They are very easy to manage and even easier to install. Vampire energy is energy is taken through outlets that are just plugged in. Even though your TV may be on, it is still drawing energy.

Smart plugs look to reduce that and will turn off lights or other appliances remotely or programmed. Just like light bulbs, you don’t have to worry about going back and double checking to make sure everything is turned off. They stay connected to your Wi-Fi and don’t require a lot of energy themselves. 

Even though you may forget you have them, you will definitely start to notice the change in your electricity bill!