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Best cars for photographers

13th November 2019 Print

Being a photographer may mean different things to different professionals, depending on which line of photography they specialize in. After all, the experiences of a wildlife photographer, a fashion photographer and a wedding photographer will most likely not be the same, for more reasons than one! 

However, when it comes to vehicles, almost all photographers have a few common needs that their vehicle must fulfill, and the following few vehicles should prove to be the best for those needs.

Honda CR–V

The Honda CR–V is actually based on the immensely successful design of their sedan, Honda Civic, but rest assured that the CR–V is a compact SUV for all intents and purposes. If you need to travel with a bunch of models to shooting locations all the time and want a compact SUV that is highly praised for both its core design elements and its handling, the CR–V is the way to go for sure. On top of all that, it even has handsfree tailgate access to make the act of loading and unloading all your camera equipment and outdoor gear a lot easier.

Jeep Patriot

There are a whole list of reasons why the Jeep Patriot can be a superb buy for fulfilling the needs of any photographer, but the most important one of them all would have to be the cargo space it has, which is more than perfect for meeting the needs of any photographer heading out for a shoot.

In case you are a wildlife or nature photographer, you will love the fact that the Jeep Patriot 2017 edition also has an off-road version with 19-inches of water-fording capabilities! If adventure and photography is on your mind, there is probably nothing better than the Jeep Patriot in its price segment.

Ford Transit Connect Wagon

The Ford Transit Connect Wagon is that big compact panel van which will carry all your models, clothes, equipment and even a few hitchhikers along the way to your destination, with room to spare! For those that are looking for a van which borders on the minibus territory, but still retains some SUV properties, this is the vehicle for them.

However, if a compact and robust design is what you are looking for, the Ford Connect Wagon doesn’t have any of that to offer. It’s a useful van, meant for those occasions when you must travel with a lot of people and equipment at the same time. Also, off-roading is not a good idea for the Connect.

Toyota Prius

Lastly, we have the Toyota Prius, which has both its ups and downs. The good things about the Prius are its excellent fuel-efficiency, sleek design (as sleek as compact SUVs can be of course!) and the comfortable ride it offers. Considering the affordable price and the fuel-efficiency, the Toyota Prius is a recommended vehicle for photographers who mostly like to travel light. However, if you need a lot of cargo space and usually travel with a group, the Prius may not be the best choice available to you.

Of course, depending on the specific line of photography the professional is in, certain cars may have more value to them than others, but you can’t really go wrong with a robust build and lots of cargo space in terms of pure functionality though.