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5 reasons why business owners decide to outsource a portion of work to a third-party contractor

23rd December 2019 Print

Those who understand the principles of efficiency, process optimization and productivity, soon find themselves looking for outside help. Alas, such is the price of success; but the kind that’s worth paying indeed. If you’re a business owner who’s ready to take the leap, today’s article is for you, as we’ll be looking at 5 common reasons why outsourcing is worth your consideration:

1. You’re getting too many orders

Talking about first-world problems, getting too many orders to handle sure is one of them. When you get this far, outsourcing fulfillment should cross your mind at some point. The one thing that might still be holding you back is greed; as it goes without saying, a third-party contractor will cost you some money. But the extra time you get this way is priceless and could be spent on other aspects of your business like branding, marketing, etc.

2. You want to patch a hole

As talented as your team is, nobody knows everything, especially if it falls outside of your company’s area of specialization. To name a concrete example, cyber security is a good one that every modern business should pay more attention to. Hefty fines can follow a data breach, and there’s no reason to leave such matters in-house when a third-party contractor could do it so much better.

3. You’re looking for stability

More often than not, third-party contractors will quote you a fixed price for their services. Whether you’re looking for a helping hand in the IT, marketing, or graphic design department, being able to predict your costs sure does come in handy when planning things in advance. After all, learning something requires a serious time-commitment that tends to be accompanied by hefty costs as well. And there’s no way to know how long it will take you or one of your team members to master it. Hiring a third-party expert is the clear solution here.

4. Your team is all over the place either way

Since the generation of millenials prefers to work from home, you need to offer them the option, lest you risk scaring away the best talent for the job. And once a portion of your team is no longer working in the office, why not go all the way and play around with outsourcing? You may find it benefits you in ways we haven’t even touched upon yet.

5. You’re migrating to the cloud

Due to its inherent security and other benefits, you may find that you wish to utilize the cloud more and more. Social media marketing, blog posts, and newsletters are just a couple of suggestions. By migrating to the cloud, you get increased storage capacity and automation, become agile, flexible and ready to scale, free up your IT stuff, and last but not least, save costs.


In the end, walking the entrepreneurial path is the only way towards financial freedom. Whether you’re just starting out or you already have a couple of years of experience under your belt, realizing the power of outsourcing will help you reach your financial goals in the fastest manner possible.