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4 ways to reduce energy costs in the office

4th March 2020 Print

Any business owner knows the importance of trying to keep costs down in order for the company to grow and succeed. Finding ways to cut back and save on expenses can help the business profit in the long run. One particular way businesses can reduce expenditure is by cutting down on energy usage.

Businesses spend millions of pounds each year on energy that is simply being wasted. Utility Bidder have compiled a list of office items that use the most energy and look at the annual cost it can cost a business for each appliance.

Here are 4 ways you can reduce energy costs in the office.

1. Invest in brand new equipment

If your office equipment is old and outdated, chances are it’s using more energy than newer, more energy-efficient models would. By upgrading your equipment, you can reduce the energy usage by up to 90%. Remember when you buy new equipment to check for energy rating labels to ensure they are energy efficient.

2. Switch off appliances that are not being used

We can often be guilty of leaving electrical appliances turned on in the office when we’re not using them. Leaving things such as computers, printers and photocopiers switched on for hours and hours each day, can put a drain on your resources. To avoid this and reduce energy costs, remember to switch off any electrical appliances that are not in use and turn them off at the end of each day.

3. Lower the thermostat during winter

Ensure that the heating is turned off during out of office hours and weekends, and consider lowering the thermostat. Reports say that turning the heating down by one degree could make a huge difference in your heating bills over the course of the year. Use thermostat systems like the Nest that has a feature that allows employees to change the temperature. This is a great way to stay in control of energy bills but also gives staff control of the office temperature.

4.  Change the lighting system

LED and fluorescent lights are a better choice when it comes to reducing your energy-waste, and by installing a motion sensor lighting system you can save a significant amount on your energy costs. By switching your lighting system, the lights will only be on when they are needed and it means that light switches are no longer required, which in turn reduces energy usage.

If you are looking for ways to reduce energy costs in your office, follow these four tips and you will start to see the difference in your energy bills.