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4 tips for planning a successful house remodel

7th March 2020 Print

House remodeling projects, although super fun, can be quite challenging. No matter the type and the scope of your remodeling efforts, the fact is that you’ll need to plan out the entire project carefully from start to finish. Simply put, without a solid plan in mind, you won’t be able to organize anything properly.

This will only lead to increased stress and frustration. And for the most enjoyable renovation project and the best possible outcome, stress should have no part in it. That said, let’s explore some tips and tricks that will enable you to have the most enjoyable house remodeling project possible.

Plan everything out

First things first, in order to ensure that your remodeling project goes as stress-free as possible, make sure you plan out every step of the way. Know when you’ll begin your project and when it is estimated that the project will end. When contractors give their estimates, they usually leave a bit more room in their schedules than they typically need. That’s why you should add a couple of more days to the estimated end date, just to stay safe. Finally, see to it that you plan out a budget as well, to ensure that you don’t run out of funds mid-project. 

Get your belongings out of the way

Next, before you start remodeling, you should clear out the space. No matter which area of your house you’re tackling, it would be wise to rid it of all of your belongings that are currently there. Since this part can be somewhat difficult to do due to the number of things we have in our houses – especially if we’re talking about areas such as the kitchen or the living room – you should consider hiring some extra help. For instance, companies such as Emerald Moving & Storage offer to pack up, relocate and store your belongings for you. By hiring a storage unit and putting your things there until the remodeling project is complete, you’ll ensure greater efficiency for the workers and better safety for your belongings.

Be careful when choosing contractors

Furthermore, depending on the type of house remodel, you will need to hire contractors for specific projects. However, the real key lies in knowing how to pick the best match for your specific needs. It can sometimes feel more intuitive to hire a single company that offers various services to take care of the entire project. But if it happens that, for some reason, the company ends up being unable to meet your requirements you’ll be left on your own. That’s why it might be a better idea to hire separate contractors for each project individually. Sure, this may be more expensive, but it will allow you to continue on with the project even if – let’s say – a certain contractor fails to show up. 

Be selective when moving things back in

Finally, when it comes the time to move your belongings back, try to be quite picky about what will go back into the house. Since after the remodeling you’ll be left with a house that looks and feels entirely new, some of your old furniture may not fit in anymore. So, try to really pay close attention to what’s going back in and what needs to be donated or recycled. Many people make the mistake and choose to get all of their old furniture back in its original place, which instantly makes the interior more resemble its previous state – the one they wanted to renovate. 

Remodeling can, undoubtedly, be overwhelming. But if you approach it the right way, plan everything out and organize each part of the process, everything will be far more streamlined and – dare we say – even fun!