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3 Useful Options to Get Rid of Your Old Car for Cash

7th July 2020 Print

Presently, in the world of automobiles, the cost of fixing for older/broken cars is quite unreasonable. It is because every year, auto brands come up with new models based on advanced technology and innovative procedures. And the big companies usually stop making parts for their old models like brakes, clutches, gear shifts, taillights, engines, etc. Therefore, it takes a substantive amount of time and money to repair old vehicles. 

Understandably, when it’s time to get rid of your old car, you are left with a few options. Primarily, you can either sell your old car or junk it. However, the decision totally depends on two things—first, the condition of your vehicle, and second, the best deal available to make the most money out of your old car. Here I’m going to discuss useful options for you: 

1. Scrapping

If you are in need of immediate cash against your old car, then scrapping is an ideal option. You only need to select a reliable dealer near your area. You can search online to find a number of places and local companies that specialized in car scrapping. The expert dealers even offer additional services like picking your old car directly from your house. However, when you have to choose a scrap dealer, there are a few essential things that you must consider. For instance, is the recycling procedure safe? Is your scrap dealer registered? Does your dealer pay cash or work on a bank deposit or cheque basis? 

Typically, prior to scrapping, you can get a price quote to help you make a final decision. You can think if the dealer has offered a reasonable price for your car. You can further check on your old car’s reusable parts to help you determine its value on better grounds. If you are looking to scrap your car for cash, then visit Scrap car Birmingham for the best price and environmental-friendly scrapping. You can expect same day collection plus the dealer is DVLA and Birmingham city council registered.

2. Selling

Up next, you can sell your old car for cash, depending on its condition. If the condition of the car is too bad or has serious mechanical & cosmetic defects, then you must go with the above-mentioned option. However, if you believe that your car is in running to fair condition, then you can absolutely think about selling it. You can contact a reliable car dealer to help you get a good deal on your old car. The procedure with a dealer is safe and straightforward. Besides, it is less likely to encounter any fraud. 

When it comes to a car dealer, you can expect to make less profit. Thus, if you don’t like paying commission to a dealer, then you can directly post pictures of your old car at different online exchange platforms along with the sale price to help you find a buyer. In today’s digital era, you can easily find multiple websites and ads listing platforms to get rid of your old car for cash. Remember, to pick an authentic source or site. This way, you can save yourself from online trading scams. 

3. Sell Old Parts

Thirdly, you can sell the most valuable parts of your old car. If you are not satisfied to make a deal with a scrap yard, then you can surely remove the usable and valued parts of your car. That’s how you can make extra bucks. If you are wondering what can be the usable items in your vehicle, then review the below list:

- Audio System

- GPS System

- Cooling System

- Exhaust Systems

- Air Bags

- Tires & Rims

- Fenders

- Catalytic Converters

- Windshield Wiper Arms

- Motor Oil & Filters

- Bumpers

- Car Doors, Windows, and Electrical Components

Generally speaking, selling old parts is an excellent option when you are unable to get a good amount of money through scrapping. You only need to identify the most valuable parts and then visit different stores to get a price quote. If the parts of your old vehicle are in the best condition, then you can expect a great deal. However, you must have complete documents to help buyers make sure that you are the legal owner of the parts.