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Swimwear Trends of Summer 2020

2nd August 2020 Print

Summer may have been more or less cancelled by the coronavirus crisis, but that doesn’t mean a spot of sunbathing isn’t in order. You might not be able to make it to the beach, but chances are you’ll find a good few excuses to reach for your swimsuit here and there. 

In which case, why not treat yourself to one of the hottest trends for summer 2020?

A little personal indulgence really can make all the difference right now, given the hardships everyone’s been forced to endure during this challenging year.  Courtesy of the folks at, here’s a brief overview of some of the hottest swimwear trends of the year – all perfect excuses for treating yourself to something special:

1) Tie-Dye Swimwear

Just when you thought it was gone for good, back comes tie-dye with a vengeance. In this instance, slightly more sophisticated than the DIY t-shirts you were making with your pals in the early 90s. Tie-dye swimwear can be exceptionally stylish and sophisticated, while at the same time surprisingly flattering. Just be sure to get creative with something that doesn’t actually look like you made it yourself three decades ago!

2) Floss Bikinis

This is one of the newest and hottest trends of all for summer 2020, which incorporates thin strapping (aka floss) to be tied around the waist. The idea being that the suit as a whole leaves little to the imagination, though does provide at least a small amount of additional support. Floss bikinis are all about the ‘less is more’ mantra, for those who believe it’s better out than in!

3) Halterneck Swimsuit

In fairness, this is actually one of the hottest trends of summer 2019, which has spilled over into 2020 and become even more popular. The cross-over collar swimsuit style is one of the most elegant things to happen to swimwear in decades, creating a whole new line of multipurpose clothing with huge versatility. Pop on a skirt or pair of trousers and many of these things can double-up as an elegant evening top.

4) One-Shoulder Swimsuits

Another example of on-trend dress design being ported to the swimsuit category, with suitably remarkable results. A one-shoulder swimsuit is as comfortable and practical as it is a statement piece in its own right. Patterned or plain, a well-fitted on-shoulder swimsuit sends a strong message of confidence and femininity, while at the same time giving you one less tan line to worry about!

5) High-Waist Bikini Bottoms

Last up, this is another time-old trend that’s perpetuated for some time, though has proved particularly popular over the past couple of years. Designers at all levels are getting increasingly creative with their high-waist bikini bottoms, making it easy to find something that both flatters your figure and reflects your style. The added benefit of high-waist bikini bottoms being that they can also be extremely comfortable – ideal for those who steer clear of itty-bitty bottoms that practically cut you in half!