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How to organise an amazing event

16th August 2020 Print

Do you love to party? Whether you’re an experienced event goer or prefer to pick and choose what you attend, organising one is very different to just turning up. You might feel under pressure to throw an event to remember - but if do, your social standing could grow and grow.

First up is to consider the purpose of your event. You could be surprising a friend on their birthday, welcoming loved ones into your new home or perhaps celebrating an engagement. This step will likely influence a lot of the decisions you make next.

With your party purpose in mind, here’s how to organise an amazing event.  

Set a date 

Would a weekend event be easier for your guests to attend? Will it be a daytime or evening party – or both? Setting a rough date will also give you an idea of how long you have to organise the rest.  

It’s generally a good idea to give people at least a few weeks’ notice. That way people can keep the date free and make any necessary arrangements like travel or childcare.  

Choose a venue 

Next up is your party venue. You could host it in a house or garden or even hire a local event space. Would meeting somewhere in the middle be more convenient if people are travelling from far and wide?

If you are hiring somewhere you may need to book well in advance – which means you’ll need to know how many people to book for too…  

Decide who to invite

Creating your invite list could be the trickiest part of the process, especially if you have a limited capacity. Start with your main priorities then build it out from there, considering who will get on with who as well as who could drop out. 

Sending out party invites will show your guests how much they mean to you while giving them a reminder to save until the big day.   

Cover food and drink 

No party is complete without refreshments. You could showcase your cooking skills or hire a caterer to take one job off your list. Whichever route you choose, make sure to cater to your guests’ dietary requirements. Did you know the number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled since 2006

It’s common to expect guests to bring their own drinks, so it’s up to you whether you provide these too. 

Create a rough itinerary

With everything else decided, consider how you see the event panning out. Do you need to plan entertainment, leave room for speeches or create a music playlist for example?  

Try to avoid over-planning however – a rigid schedule could dampen the party atmosphere. 

With all the above covered, all that’s left to do is party!