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5 things to make sure that your car is ready for winter

31st August 2020 Print

It may seem like a long way off right now, but winter can arrive quickly and the conditions can quickly become hazardous on the roads so it is important that your vehicle is ready towards the end of the summer for the colder months of the year. Here are 5 steps to take to prepare your car for winter.

1. Consider an Upgrade

First, you might find that it is actually a good time to upgrade your car particu-larly if you have had trouble during the winter months before. Places like Jardine Motors carry a wide range of high-quality used cars which could make driving in the winter much easier, safer and more comfortable.

2. Test the Battery

Batteries can struggle in winter due to the cold temperatures along with the increased usage of lights, heaters and other electrical devices. This is why you should test the battery either with a kit or by taking it to a specialist and re-placing it if needed.

3. Check the Antifreeze

Antifreeze plays a very important role in the car during the winter by stopping the water in the cooling system from freezing. The temperature can drop very quickly once autumn arrives so it is a good idea to test the antifreeze, stock up and top it up if required before the weather turns.

4. Check the Tyres

You need to have confidence in your tyres during the winter months and there are a few important steps to take to achieve this. You should examine each for signs of damage, make sure that they all have at least 3mm tread depth and top them up to the recommended pressure. If snow and ice is often a problem in your area, you might want to think about switching to winter tyres which can provide superior grip and performance in difficult conditions.

5. Get the Car Serviced

If you are due to get the car serviced, it is smart to do this towards the end of the summer before the weather starts to turn. This will help to identify any problems and will ensure that the car is in good condition heading into winter, plus it should also help to give you peace of mind knowing that the car is roadworthy for winter.

These are the 5 main steps that you should take before winter arrives to be prepared for driving during the harsh winter months. Now is the time to act so that you have enough time to get ready and so that you are well-prepared as soon as the weather turns.