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Small renovations that have a big impact

2nd September 2020 Print

Renovating a home doesn’t just make it more pleasant for the occupiers; it can also have a significant impact on the value of the property. If you’re looking to sell, and want to maximise your return, then it’s worth considering a few quick and simple alterations that might provide a sizeable return on the investment. On the other hand, if you’re buying, then you might want to take stock of the changes you can make immediately after moving in.


Adding a splash of paint can have a major impact on just about any interior space. Smaller spaces can be made to appear bigger, dated rooms can be modernised without having to spend on extra furniture or other, more expensive features. If you do the decorating yourself, you’ll save money – just make sure that you do a decent job.

Extra Features

Older-style lights make a space inherently dingier and less desirable. Make the upgrade to modern LED-style lamps throughout the house, especially if you’re going to be showing it off to would-be buyers at night-time. Changing a few bulbs is something you can do yourself; if you’re planning more extensive changes, however, get a professional electrician in. The same applies to your heating; a modern radiator tends to create a better impression than an aged one.

Convert Existing Space

Before you pull the trigger on an extension, it’s worth first considering the more low-hanging fruit. An existing space is a known quantity, and less likely to throw up unforeseen costs. Lofts, garages and basements are all worthy candidates, especially if they come with high ceilings.

Patio Remodelling

During summer, your outdoor living space can be looked at as an additional room for your home. It’s one that’s a great deal cheaper to improve. Fixed barbeques, tiled patios, and all of the associated furniture can transform an outdoor space. Throw out any neglected swing sets and mow any unruly lawns before you have people around to view the place – that way you’ll be able to create the all-important impression of space.

Window swapping

An out-of-date window can present a severe drain on a home’s energy efficiency. The more quickly heat can move from one side of the pane to the other, the more expensive the window will be in the long-term. This is something that would-be homebuyers find themselves looking for. If you’re just moving in, then you might find that the investment pays for itself after a decade or two, while improving the comfort and desirability of the home.