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How to be more confident with basic car maintenance

2nd September 2020 Print

Car maintenance is an area that many motorists do not feel confident in but this can be problematic because it is so important for keeping the car in good condition but also safe and roadworthy. Going to the garage can be an intimi-dating experience, especially for those with limited knowledge, so here are a few basic tips which will help you to build confidence.

Learn How Vehicles Work

Many people have no confidence in basic vehicle maintenance because they do not know how the car works. They are complex machines, but once you have an idea of how they work, what the key parts are and what the most common issues are it will give you a lot more confidence and could even help you to make your own easy repairs. This is not knowledge that is taught in schools (but perhaps should be) and often an instructor will only tell when asked, so it is highly common for someone to have limited knowledge of how a vehicle works but this is easy to fix with online research.

Perform Basic Car Maintenance

Another effective way to build confidence is to perform your own basic mainte-nance. There are several tasks which an owner should be doing on a regular basis which will keep the car in good condition and could stop you from need-ing to take the vehicle to the garage too often. You can find easy to follow guides for these tasks and a few of the main tasks include:

- Changing oil

- Topping up fluids

- Checking tyre tread depth

- Topping up tyres

- Check the lights

- Replace spark plugs

- Replace filters

- Check and test the battery

Find a Dealership & Garage That You Trust

Many people worry about buying a used car or taking their car to the garage because they worry that they will be ripped off and/or made to look foolish by a lack of knowledge. Not all places are like this and you should research ahead to find places which have positive reviews and are deemed to be trustworthy, such as Fords of Winsford if you are in the market for a used car. It is also a good idea to have a list of questions ready before visiting so that you can get the answers that you need and to show that you know your stuff.

Hopefully, this post will help you to build confidence when it comes to cars and car maintenance so that you can look after your automobile and feel confident anytime you have to visit a dealership or garage.