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How to improve your buy-to-let property on a budget

16th September 2020 Print

If you’re renting out a property, you want to make it appealing to get the best possible tenants. There are some easy budget-friendly ways to improve your buy-to-let property without breaking the bank and that could help you get the rent you want.

Neutral walls

Renters want to feel at home and when the walls are covered in patterns or pictures that they don’t like, they may be inclined to move out or not call it home in the first place. By having neutral walls - whites, creams and greys - it gives your tenant the chance to add their own flair to the property by featuring furniture and accessories that they want. Plain painted walls will suit any taste - and paint is much cheaper than wallpaper. Not to mention, lighter-coloured walls also help to make the room look bigger.

Clever furnishings 

Furnished properties can bring in higher rent, but if you’re doing this on a budget you don’t have to furnish the whole property. Think about key pieces of furniture. These are great to include as the tenant will see it as them saving money by not needing to purchase those. 

The sofa is always a good place to start. If you have a one- to two-bedroom property, a two- to a three-seater sofa would be ideal. And when it comes to the bed, try and get one which has built-in storage (we’ll explain more on that later). 

Divan Beds Centre has a range of beds with built-in storage which tenants would be able to make full use of (also saving them money on storage). When it comes to saving money on furniture checkout car boots, local charity shops and even selling pages online. You can sometimes get free items which just need some TLC.

Minimal decor

While it’s good to provide some key furnishings, don’t go overboard. Try and keep things simple and minimalistic so there’s room for the tenant to add their personal touches to the property. For example, just because you include the sofa, it doesn’t mean you have to include throw cushions. If you remember this you’ll save quite a bit of money - all these little accessories soon add up.

Creative storage

In the renting world storage is a hot commodity. If you don’t want your tenant drilling holes in the wall to hang things or investing in a built-in shelving unit, you need to think about where storage is needed. Built-in wardrobes are a great option, but these can be quite costly. As an alternative, you can add a wardrobe pole which they can use for clothes or jackets. You should also think about where they will want shelving. The bathroom is a great place to install storage. A storage mirror cabinet is a good option and a shelf to store towels on would also be a bit hit.

There are some easy ways to improve your buy-to-let property. Some are more budget-friendly than others, but ultimately they can help you get the best possible rent and keep tenants happy in their home.