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Why hire property accountants

16th December 2020 Print

Property investment remains the safest and best way to invest money because of the potential financial rewards we could obtain from real estate investing. Needless to say, there are many strong points in real estate investment that outweigh the costs, and as the property investor, could be acquiring a stable flow of income to secure financial independence for the long haul. However, success can only be achieved if the essential things in a real estate investment are done right. That’s why wise investors outsmart the rest of the competition by considering the services of a professional property accountant who can provide advice on what is an allowable expense, how to plan for your portfolio growth and update you on the latest tax and legislation changes.

Whether it will be big associations or individual buy-to-let landlords, property accountants shape the financial backbone of industries that invest and develop in real estate. Their role helps property sectors expand their portfolios, navigate the tax minefield, and remain financially secured during economic downturns. Be that as it may, most property investors, both new and experienced, are having a hard time selecting the best accountant. If you’re wondering whether or not you should enlist an accountant now, then read on to find out. 

When Do I Need A Property Accountant?

You will need a property accountant if you have the following situations:

You Have A Property Under Your Name

As the property owner, you must stay on top of your accounting and keep accurate financial records. When you own a property, there is an ample supply of financial transactions to keep up with. There’s rental income coming in as well as payments going out to cover general maintenance, repair, etc. The more properties you own, the more complicated it can get to stay on top of everything. 

Whether you own a real estate property in the commercial or residential sector, there is a need for you to employ an accountant to manage your taxes. A specialist property accountant has comprehensive knowledge and information in property taxes and how to depreciate it, stamp duty land tax as well as implicit rental income through the land. You may also want monthly/ quarterly accounts rather than annual accounts, to help you make those critical business decisions.

Moreover, they will help you in maintaining financial records of your property and capital equipment as well as supervise any change aspect in the rental management.

You Are Involved In Buying Property To Let

Most landlords consider investing in buy-to-let properties since they’re a lot less tax-efficient than they used to be. That’s why a buy-to-let landlord may not have only one, but multiple properties making income and generating expenses. Others may consider developing properties to add to their portfolio, or probably looking to sell the property to release the equity. However, the tax on profit, expenses, and duties can be a juggling act of confusing figures. If you don’t know the rules, it can be hard to grasp.

Furnished Holiday Lets 

A property that is rented out on a short-term basis (most commonly to tourists or holiday makers), i.e. let for less than 31 consecutive days can be classified as a Furnished Holiday Let (FHL). For this reason, it is necessary to look for expert advice. Furnished Holiday Lets Accountants, specialize in assisting landlords who want to let out properties using an efficient scheme that would also help landlords benefit from its tax advantages. Through proper consultation, you will be able to minimize your tax while staying compliant to the law.

Why Hire an Accounting Professional?

Although it’s self-evident that hiring a professional accountant will save you a lot of money, maintain expenses, not to mention, hassle and time. The following offers more reasons why you need to hire a property accountant:

Tax Advice And Planning

Property Accountants will help you structure your investments and operations in a tax-efficient manner. They will help you make sound decisions in terms of planning, budgeting, investment, and tax reporting activities. Oftentimes, they’re the ones who will prepare your financial records and reports for all your real estate transactions and other finance-related items using accounting software that will assist with obtaining realistic, accurate, and effective investment and financial strategies.

Simple accounting software made for your real estate business. With Xero, it’s easy to keep your finger on the pulse and be more efficient.

- Sync Xero with third-party apps made for real estate agents.

- Run your business from anywhere and stay connected while you’re out and about with the Xero Accounting app.

- Collaborate with your accountant, bookkeeper and staff in real time from anywhere.

- Make it easier for your customers to pay their invoices with flexible payment options including Stripe and PayPal.

Be Aware Of Any Legislation Changes 

The legislation is constantly changing, but with the help of a specialist accountant, your investments will be secured from sudden market shocks. A specialized property accountant is always active, up-to-date, and ready to tackle any shifts that will affect real estate investors. Instead of landlords doing all the extensive research on the legislation changes themselves, your accountant will inform them in advance and will be in a position to ensure property owners are compliant at all times. 

Reduced Admin Workload

Finally, a great advantage to real estate investors in hiring a property accountant is they will help you eliminate the burden of administrative workload. If you have a trusted and committed accountant doing all the work for you–from finding the best teams, helping with claim expenses, sending tax returns, updating you about your profit and loss–and you know everything is in order, then you will have a peace of mind. You’ll have an assurance that your property portfolio is in safe hands. Plus, you will be equipped to make financially wise decisions such as choosing the proper mortgage and tax mitigation.

Wrapping It Up

Having a professional accountant can help you establish your real estate empire conveniently and intelligently. On top of that, you will be able to exploit a lot of tax and financial strategies in terms of property investing. We recommend you do your research to find the best accountant to guarantee that you can access the financial prudence, planning and services of your prospective property accountant. Find out about their qualification, licensing, certification and training, experiences if it’s more than 3 years, rates, other secondary skills, and communication strategies. In this way, you will be able to evaluate the right property account advisor whom you can work with for your long-term success.