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Why online payment systems are beneficial for property managers

7th October 2021 Print

Landlords and property managers do not have to use traditional payment methods for collecting security deposits, application fees, and monthly rental payments. If they want more-convenient options, rental property owners can set up an account with an online payment system. Online payment systems are great choices for landlords and tenants, and the payments can be sent at any time. 

Tenants do not have to go to the bank to withdraw money or buy money orders just to pay their rent. The systems provide convenient services and great features for the landlords and tenants. Rental property owners can review the benefits of the systems now. 

A Faster Option for Receiving Rental Payments

The online payment systems present landlords with a faster way to receive rental payments from their tenants. With a connection to the system, the tenants can send their payments as soon as they get the direct deposit from their employer.

They won't have to go anywhere or follow additional steps just to get their rent paid on time. They just sign into their account and send the money to their landlord directly. Property managers can learn more about these payment systems by contacting Xpress-pay now

Decreasing Delinquencies in Rent Payments

A common reason that some tenants get behind on their rent is that many property managers or landlords want a money order. Many tenants do not have the time to go to the nearest place that sells money orders and take the money back to the landlord's location.

Some establishments will not accept anything but cash for these money orders. This could make the process even more inconvenient, especially if the nearest money order seller closes before the tenant gets off work. By accepting online payments, the property manager could get more rental payments on time.  

No Direct Contact with Tenants

Since the start of the recent pandemic, more people have been social distancing, and this has made it more difficult to pay their rent on time. Instead of getting cash to pay their rent that requires direct contact, the tenants can pay their rent online without any contact. This prevents tenants from facing any health risks, and they won't have to worry about being exposed to the COVID-19 virus. 

No Additional Transaction Fees

The tenants can send their rental payments to their property manager without any additional fees. They won't need a money order that increases the costs, and they won't have to incur any ATM fees to get cash for their rent.

The online payment systems are easy to use and won't require the tenants to pay any fees for transactions. The property manager will incur some fees for using the services, but these costs are minimal. The property managers or landlords can keep all their payments in one place and won't have to make extra trips to the bank just to deposit the rental income.  

More Convenient for Everyone

Online payment systems provide a great convenience for the tenants and the landlord. The tenants can pay their rent from any location they prefer, and they don't have to complete extra steps to get their payments in on time.

The landlord will receive a notification each time a tenant sends in a rental payment, and they can review and track the payments. It's an easier way to determine if what tenants have or haven't sent in their payment. Online payment solutions generate a receipt for the tenants, and they can keep the receipts for their records.  

Faster Option for Security Deposits

After applicants have been approved for a rental property, the landlord requires a security deposit. The deposit is used to cover any property damage caused by the tenant during the rental period. The tenant must pay the security deposit and at least the first month's rent before moving into the property. 

Online payment systems could make it easier for the new tenant to submit these payments and get a receipt. The landlord will receive an alert when the payment is received. When the tenant moves out of the property, the landlord can use the same payment system to refund the security deposit to the tenant.  

Faster Payments for Repair and Maintenance Charges

If the tenant causes any property damage and must pay for repairs or maintenance, the online payment systems make it easier to complete the payments and settle their debt with the property manager.

It's the fastest solution, the tenant will not have to get a money order or go to their bank just to get the payment completed. As soon as the payment is received, the landlord can update the tenant's account. The tenant will also have proof of their payment, and they can get the debts removed from their credit history.  

Faster Application Processing 

Many property managers charge an application fee for processing an application for the rental property. Most landlords require the application fees on the day the application is submitted, and the tenant will have to get a money order or write a check. 

If the landlord uses an online payment system, the applicant can submit the payment to the property manager directly. They won't have to wait, and the property manager can process the application faster. Tenants can find out if they were approved for a rental property faster and get a new home without any additional delays. 

Landlords need convenient and efficient payment solutions for collecting their rent and getting receipts to tenants. The online systems provide instant payments to the landlord, and the tenant can submit rental payments, security deposits, and application fees in seconds. 

Online payment systems generate receipts for the tenants and landlords, and they will receive alerts for the payments. When monitoring the incoming payments, the property managers determine which tenants have sent in their payments and which ones haven't. They can also cut down on delinquencies by providing a more convenient payment plan. By reviewing the online payment solutions, the rental property owners can find all the great benefits and why the systems are a must. 

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