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The best electric cars on the market

23rd September 2020 Print
Tesla Model 3

With electric cars finally breaking into the mainstream, we are seeing more and more people delve into the market and reap the benefits from the electric car. In the UK, the government is now offering grants to consumers looking to buy electric cars so today we gather a list of some of the best electric cars on the market. 

When you think electric cars, the first which comes into mind is that of the Tesla, and their budget model the Tesla Model 3 is somewhat affordable for what you get. None of the cars on this list have received as much hype as that of the Tesla.  With its savage acceleration of 4.6 seconds from 0-60mph, it not only makes it a fast and fun to drive, but it’s also practical, full of tech and reasonably competitive at £43,000 before government grants. Drawbacks from this certain model though are that many have said it be a bit of a firm ride and not as entertaining to drive compared to other petrol rivals in the similar category. 

Next on the list is that of the Renault Zoe, the small and smart city car that seems to be the perfect car for small trips within a town or city. With the longest range compared to its smaller competitors, the electric motor also gives it’s a punchy acceleration makes it very fun to drive also. Due to its size though, the position of the driver’s seat is very cramped, along with the back seats which are virtually non-existent for bigger people. It also doesn’t have the technology that many will be looking for when trying to source their perfect electric car.  

Technology in the past couple years has taken industries like the Car industry to the next level in advances that many didn’t expect for a couple years or so. One of the biggest examples is within the entertainment industry, with the online side of things flourishing. This has become even more so throughout 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic. You see the likes of online casinos and gaming platforms continuing to see a surge in players. Players have been picking up a Harrahs casino promo code for example. This adds to the popularity for these platforms and has offered a great source of entertainment. That is online set to advance further in the coming years, as we see the release of VR and VR casinos. That is the next level of technological advancements and similar to that of what we are now seeing in the motor industry.

Moving back to the final car which we will talk about today is a 4x4 version for those who are looking to get a big more space out of their electric car – the Jaguar I-Pace. This SUV can drive more than 250 miles per charge, and with being able to charge 80% in under 90 minutes, it really is an exciting car for us. You know you are driving a electric car with this also due to its futuristic aesthetic.

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Tesla Model 3