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What to do after a traffic accident

19th October 2020 Print

It is fair to say that emotions run high when anyone engages in an accident. However, it is important for an individual to maintain their cool and act thoughtfully. So if you are involved in a traffic accident, you need to do the following instead of breaking down:

1. Call For An Ambulance

If you and the other party have been involved in an accident, you must check if anyone has got injured. Secondly, if you have injured yourself but regained consciousness, it is imperative that you call the ambulance instead of waiting for someone else to make the call. Keep in mind, if you delay making the phone call, somebody could lose their life. However, if you and the other party haven't got engaged in something serious, it is best to talk things through and move on. You need to report the incident to the police if the accident involves:

- Pedestrians

- Foreign Vehicles

- Any sort of damage to government property

- Hit and run cases

When jotting down the police report, you need to mention every tiny detail of the accident. Secondly, once the details have been mentioned and the cops call you again, don’t try to change your statement on purpose. This way, you will get in trouble, so it is crucial, to be honest.

2. Gather Evidence

If you have been involved in such a way that you need to file a personal injury case, you need to collect the necessary evidence of the accident. The easiest way to do this is to take pictures of the accident site and record videos of your injuries. Secondly, you need to note the plate numbers of all the vehicles involved. If you want to file a personal injury case, you will have to present evidence in the courtroom. For this to happen, you need to collect the medical reports of your injuries from the doctor.

3. Contact the Insurance Company

If your vehicle is insured, it is crucial for you to contact the insurance agency as soon as possible. Keep in mind; the insurance company will protect your vehicle from any kind of damage. However, if they try to deny any claim, you must provide them with details about the accident through pictures and videos. Secondly, if you don’t have enough energy to make the call yourself through the phone, you can ask a friend or relative to make the call on your behalf. Not to forget, the road traffic accident claims process can take a long time, so you need to inform timely.

4. Allow the Other Party to Evaluate Your Vehicle too

Keep In mind; you’re not the only one responsible for taking pictures and recording videos of the accident site. Especially if you want to make any claim for the vehicle damage, you will have to allow the other party to inspect your vehicle. Once they inspect your vehicle, the defendant’s insurers will inspect your vehicle after two days. However, if you don’t allow them to inspect your car, they won't be legally allowed to impose themselves on you. 

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