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Why New Jersey one of the hottest destinations in America

2nd November 2020 Print

New Jersey certainly carries a unique image around the world, and even within the United States, which has led to it being a somewhat misunderstood location. In reality, New Jersey is filled with idyllic rural scenery alongside a bustling metropolitan area, as well as world-class, beachfront destinations, and even the chance to explore North American mountain ranges.

More and more people are now coming around to the fact that New Jersey offers something for just about anyone looking to enjoy a trip to the US. You can enjoy the entertainment, the surf, the long walks, or even submerge yourself in local lore. If absolutely nothing else, it’s an exciting stop along the way to New York, with it being less than two hours away by car.

So, what are the prime reasons which are proving to have the most pull for New Jersey, making it one of the hottest US destinations right now?

They’re nothing new, but they’re undoubtedly iconic

New Jersey has long been famed for its iconic boardwalks, even more so since the Atlantic City-set, New Jersey-based Boardwalk Empire aired on HBO as one of the most expensive shows ever made. The show was aptly named, with New Jersey very much being an empire of boardwalks, which create an exciting and scenic experience for its visitors. There’s the Big 6 to explore, ranging from Atlantic City to Asbury Park. But, between Sea Bright and Cape May, there are well over 20. To make the best decisions regarding these options, here’s a guide of the boardwalks to help you explore New Jersey.

Celebrating New Jersey’s pioneering efforts for the modern United States


Due to the presence of Las Vegas to the west, many who don’t live in the United States assume that gambling is widespread. In reality, it is secluded to a select few areas. One of which was New Jersey’s Atlantic City. However, in the modern scene of online gaming, the Garden State was among the first to usher in a new age of computer and mobile-based casino gaming. Thanks to the state’s pioneering efforts, people in New Jersey are free to enjoy the best that online gambling has to offer, including the free money no-deposit offers, of which here are a couple of suggestions to get you started.

Delve into the superstitious fun of being in the Garden State

The United States, generally speaking, is known for sporting a fair few superstitions and conspiracy theories, from Big Foot to alien life forms being kept in Area 51. New Jersey itself has its own selection of paranormal curiosities, ranging from mysterious occurrences to the outright supernatural. If you're more of the curious type, you can visit The Paranormal Museum with the Paranormal Books & Curiosities, which you can learn more about right here, where they claim to have a skull belonging to the infamous creature known as the Jersey Devil.

Classic holiday fun on some of the greatest beaches America has to offer


If there’s one aspect of New Jersey as a holiday destination that consistently summons the crowds, it’s the beaches of Cape May. They are stunning, and there’s such a variety on offer that anyone can find their preferred style and crowd on the sands. There’s a plethora of restaurants, bars, and historic sites dotted around the beachfront. Among the many great stops along the coast, Sunset Beach is a favourite for those staying out in the evening. However, The Cove is the undisputed favourite, as explained by this site, due to its laid-back nature.

There’s fun for everyone at all times in New Jersey, from exploring the supernatural to walking the iconic boardwalks, relaxing on the beach to gaming at your convenience. So, the state’s spike in popularity among tourists shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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