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How to find a great deal for car registration

22nd December 2020 Print
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We all need to commute and get around somehow, and while public transport is an option, there’s nothing quite like having a car. Shopping for a second-hand car is a long process. You need to choose the right car and settle on a price with the dealership. When you purchase the vehicle, you enter into an agreement that helps facilitate the registration of the car into your name. However, the process can be time-consuming, but there are easier ways of doing it. Read on to learn how to find a great deal for car registration.

Buy a Car From a Reliable Dealership 

There are several car dealerships out there that offer additional services apart, from selling used cars. When you have finalized the purchase, there is a lot of documentation that you should complete before the vehicle is transferred into your name. It is essential to understand the contents of the documents before you sign them. 

Once satisfied, you can proceed to register the car in your name, but this can take time. Buying a vehicle from a private seller means you will need to perform the registration exercise on your own. If you do not have sufficient time to go through the registration process, a dealer is capable of registering the car for you. This route is convenient since you do not have to spend a lot of time in queues at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to register your new vehicle. However, you should know that dealers charge registration fees that can vary depending on different factors.   

Enlist the Services of a Reputable Agent  

It is no secret that the vehicle registration process takes time, and you may spend hours in long lines at the DMV to get your papers processed. At times, you may experience a rude awakening when you meet the staff that couldn’t care less about good customer service. Therefore, it is a good idea to enlist the services of reliable agents who can handle the task for you. As explained by the professional agents at, time is a commodity that you should not waste on something that you can get done from the comfort of your home. If you enlist the services of competent agents, you get same-day services, and the car is registered in your name. 

It is essential to provide the registering agent with the correct documents required for processing the registration. This will help you to spend more time with your family and perform other tasks you enjoy. The other benefit of engaging the services of agents is that they will get rid of the DMV problem quickly. All you need is to call or send an email to the agents, and they will get back to you. 


Register Your Vehicle Online

You should visit your state's DMV website or contact them via email to learn how you can register your car. If you are registering the vehicle for the first time, some states will require you to complete the process in person. However, you may be lucky if your state accepts online registration for your car. You are required to provide certain documents when registering the vehicle for the first time, and these include the following:

- Proof of insurance

- Your identification card and driver’s license

- Sales tax payment

- Proof of vehicle safety test

- Proof of title if you are financing the vehicle or you own it

- Depending on the age of the car, you need to provide proof of smog test

- Application form for vehicle

As you are now aware, online registration only applies in some states, so first check with your DMV.  

Use Mail to Register Your Vehicle

The option of using mail for registration renewal can save you a lot of time from standing in long lines at the DMV. You need to verify your information together with the vehicle details before you send the paperwork and registration fee by mail. This method can take time but it will save you the hassle of standing in queues. 

Buying a car is an exciting experience, but the downside comes with the registration process to transfer ownership to your name. The process can be long, and it will take you a lot of time to complete. However, you can eliminate this challenge by enlisting the services of a reliable agent to handle the process for you. You can also utilize the services of the car dealership since they are also capable of registering the car for you. These options are convenient, but you should know that they come with some fees.

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