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The benefits of a free consultation after being injured in a car accident

26th December 2020 Print

Driving a vehicle is a great responsibility. Unfortunately, many people do not take that responsibility as seriously as they should. This can cause terrible accidents that can leave people injured or worse. When a person is negligent behind the wheel of a car and causes an accident, they should be held responsible for the damages they caused.

When faced with such an injury caused by another person, many people try to decide if they should call an attorney to help with the situation. Many are concerned about the cost or even the process of getting an attorney. However, many offer free consultations that can help put to rest those concerns.

After an Accident

Immediately after a vehicle accident with an injury, the injured party should get medical care right away. Depending on the severity of the injury, this may require an ambulance right to the nearest medical center. Once the person is stable, it may be a good idea to contact an attorney about the car accident. It does not cost a thing to get a consultation from one or more attorneys after an accident.  

Any injury or potential injury should be checked out by a health care provider as soon as possible after an accident. This will ensure that a complete view of the injury is seen and any necessary treatments are provided in a timely manner to prevent further injuries or complications.

Delaying medical care can put a person's health at risk. Even though the cost of medical care may be high, health is more important. In addition, if care is not received within a timely manner after an accident it can be more difficult to get compensation for the accident.

Important Information about Case

A free consultation from an attorney can provide a wealth of information for the injured party. The attorney can examine the information about the accident and help determine if the person has a good case for compensation.

During the consultation, an attorney may even be able to provide the person with a rough value of their case. In many cases, the attorney does not charge any fees unless the injured person wins their case. For those facing high medical bills due to their injury, this can ease the fears of adding more costs to their already difficult situation.

Allow Time to Recover

Every year in the U.S., there are approximately 6 million vehicle accidents. These accidents lead to nearly 1.25 million deaths and 20-50 million people who are injured or even disabled after the accident. These situations can be devastating for the person in the accident as well as their families.

For those who are recovering from an accident, it can be hard to focus on fighting for compensation. The medical treatment, any therapies, or continued care, added on to trying to figure out how to get back to living, sometimes without a job, can be an overwhelming experience that leaves little time or energy to fight for the money needed.

In general, individuals go against large corporate insurance companies that have several lawyers helping to keep their costs low. Getting assistance from an attorney can allow individuals the same legal backing the insurance company has. In addition, when an attorney is working on the case, individuals can focus on their recovery and getting their lives back to normal.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

In most cases, it will be the insurance company of the at-fault driver that pays the claim for a vehicle accident. The insurance company will need a copy of the accident report. They will also need information about the accident, as well as bills from any medical care received due to the accident.

Often, the insurance company will attempt to settle the claim quickly. Unfortunately, this is often an amount far below what the claim is worth. When dealing with an injury and faced with rising medical costs, it can be tempting to accept the settlement.  If the settlement agreement is accepted and signed, there is often very little recourse to get further compensation, even if medical bills keep growing.

This makes it important for individuals, especially those with severe injuries, to seek the assistance of an attorney. They can help individuals find a fair value of their claim and deal directly with the insurance company to protect the rights of the injured party.

Reaching a Settlement

An attorney can assist the injured party in gathering all the proper information and medical records to prove the extent of the injuries. They can also assist in showing proof of any lost work or ongoing disabilities or issues that can hinder a person's ability to enjoy their lives. This information can be very beneficial in reaching a fair settlement.

The attorney is better equipped to handle negotiations with the insurance company. Insurance companies will attempt to get the individual to go lower than the amount they need to get back to normal. Unfortunately, once the amount is expressed, the insurance company will use that number to keep from it going higher. An attorney can avoid this complication.

The attorney will ensure that every aspect of the injury is considered and a fair compensation package is reached. This will allow individuals the ability to focus on their recovery and getting back to normal. If the attorney cannot reach a fair settlement, they will then assist in taking the case to court.

Going to Court

If a case needs to go to court, an attorney can assist in the filing and even provide representation in the courtroom. The attorney can best argue the case for compensation in a manner that will ensure the injured party's rights are protected throughout the process.

An attorney can even assist in finding expert witnesses to help prove the case. They have access to medical professionals and accident recreation experts that can prove to the court the fault in the accident as well as the extent of the injuries.

The attorney will work hard to find fair compensation that can cover the costs of any medical bills and ongoing treatment. They can even assist in getting compensation for any at-home care or devices needed to deal with the injury. They can even pursue damages for lost work or even lost enjoyment of life.

There are many benefits that can come to a person injured in an automobile accident when they hire an attorney. But first, they must take the first step and call for that free consultation.