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Should your business create an employee handbook?

4th January 2021 Print

Admittedly, the phrase, 'employee handbook' tends to instantly conjure up a more Pathe News-esque world or that other type of 'book'. The war-era ration one. You can imagine a neatly-moustachioed chap waxing lyrical about employee handbooks being hugely important, as well as quintessentially British... In a landscape long before the spectre of Brexit divided a nation's opinion on what being British actually meant.

Still, politics aside, you might have thought employee handbooks had been long consigned to the waste paper bin of corporate and commercial Britain, but you'd be wrong. As it happens, employee handbooks are still very much a sign of the current times, and continue to exist in thousands of company's HR departments.

Is It a Legal Requirement to Create an Employee Handbook?

While it's an established law for businesses to publish employee handbooks, the legal aspect of the employment sector does stipulate that companies effectively communicate all policies and procedures to its work force.

What's more, many businesses see a dedicated and well-written employee handbook far more useful for collating what can sometimes be an extensive volume of information, than a random collection of disparate policies individually circulated/distributed amongst staff.

Give Me Another Good Reason Why I Should Have an Employee Handbook

Just one employee can - should they wish to - cause an employer problem. Naturally, multiply the employee head count and the potential problems multiply exponentially. Picture the scenario, if in any doubt, to see what we are referring to...

An employee is consistently late for work. You are thinking about firing them due to this continued punctuality/absence issue, however, if you don't have an employee handbook to quote from, then you haven't got much of a platform from which to preach.

Having something in writing is worth its weight in gold. Without it, this particular situation could favour the employee. 

Positives When it Comes to the Presence of Employee Handbooks

Culture, mission, and values are the cornerstone principles of any good company. So, a publication which comprises this key material within its compendium of information should always be actively encouraged. Arguably, one of the most important elements of an employee handbook is the introduction of new employees to corporate culture and, moreover, just how they will fit in.

What does the business do that sets it apart from others? How did the company come to be? What fuels the company's imagination, and how can employees become a contributing factor in this culture? All very important questions which are typically answered in an insightful employee handbook.

Any Other Advantages for an Employee?

Yes. Other elements which any new employee will be keen to determine from day one includes: what can they expect from management and leadership teams? While an employee handbook will also communicate key company policies, clearly and consistently, it can also showcase benefits and where - and who - employees can turn for help, should they need any.

How Can I create my Employee Handbook?

This is easy! You seek out the services of a digital print-finishing equipment manufacturer. Companies who specialise in the design and delivery of cutting-edge, print-finishing equipment, such as Duplo International, can provide the physical means by which businesses can go about creating large numbers of employee handbooks to be distributed amongst staff. Duplo International’s book binding machine is dedicated to the ensuring that an employee handbook would successfully achieve a premium print finish