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Why now is the time to buy an electric car?

6th January 2021 Print
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When electric cars first released were somewhat of a gimmick something that many thoughts wouldn’t take off for a very long time due to the limitations it posed when they were first released. However, since then, and a decade on, technology has dramatically improved since then and now is able to offer some of the best improvements in terms of the EV world. Because of this, we now believe that this is the time to buy an electric car and below we delve deeper into this. 

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First of all, the main worry when electric cars when they were first released was that the number of miles that electric cars were able to offer on one full charge. 10 years ago, some of the industry leaders in terms of electric cars was under 100 miles, but since technology has moved, some of the electric cars on the market are now able to offer some the best miles per charge and can now even compete with some of the fuel alternative on the market. Due to this, there now isn’t the worry of running out of miles when out on a long journey which takes us on perfectly to our next point. 

When electric cars were initially released, there was the worry that not only was they’re not enough mileage in the batteries but also that there weren’t enough charging stations in the country for you to be able to charge whilst on the go. However, since the electric car revolution, the government has been working tirelessly to ensure that there are now more charging stations in the UK than there are fuel stations which is seriously impressive. This further pushes the idea that there now isn’t that worry that you are going to run out of miles whilst out driving. 

And finally, the choice of vehicle available now in electric form now ensures that there is an electric car for everyone. Whether you are looking at a small city car to be good on electric miles, a sporty and fast electric car or even now an electric SUV in which you can fit the whole family in then the electric market is now wider than ever and has something for everyone.

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