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Tips to consider when renovating your home

21st January 2021 Print

Anybody who owns their own home knows that remodeling and home improvement is a wise investment. Remodeling makes your home look new again and increases its current and resale value. The problem can be, however, what improvements should you make. It can be a bit overwhelming if you overthink it.

Which Home Improvement Projects Should I Focus On?

While you may think that adding high-end appliances to the kitchen would be a definite plus to the value of your home, think again. According to experts, the return on upscale kitchens is only about 60%. Instead, say the professionals, focus on adding recessed lights, refacing the cabinets, new drawer facings, fixtures and some appliances. But, all of these would be considered a minor kitchen remodeling and should not involve changing the layout of the kitchen. Such a renovation can expect almost a 100% return on investment. 


The exterior portion of the house is, of course, the first impression made on a visitor. As such, one’s roof should be in excellent condition. While it might not bring the full return on investment, improving or replacing it can help a seller get the full asking price when selling a house. Experts at Erie Construction state that a steel panel stamped metal roof is often one of the best options for homeowners. This metal roofing option provides a classic look, is reinforced with the strength of steel, and comes in a variety of natural colors. Further, with the lifetime limited transferable warranty, manufacturing defects are covered for the life of the roof and can be transferred to new owners. 

Insulated Wall Siding: Thermal Wall Siding System

For any homeowner who is tired of painting or scraping the outside of their home year after year, replacing a home’s siding could be the answer. After long winters and harsh sun, the exterior of the home could look ragged. But besides giving your home the facelift, it so drastically deserves, the right siding can provide a worthwhile investment as well. Vinyl siding is extremely energy efficient and won’t ever flake or peel the way paint does. A Siding System also comes with all the necessary trim and accessories to finish off those crucial details that make a home look amazing. Some of the different trim style accessories that come with a Siding System could include:

- Window trim

- Door trim

- Vinyl shutters

- Crown moldings

- Scalloping

- Cedar shake

- Gable vents

- Window mantles


If the windows on your home are outdated and have poor insulation, then retailers have replacements available in a wide selection of styles. Companies offer sliding windows, double hung, casement, specialty windows, awning/hopper, vinyl, bay, and bow windows. New windows provide outstanding insulation while maximizing the natural light in a home and providing a beautiful finish on its exterior.

Look for windows that are composed of a pure inert gas between three panes of magnetically and electronically sealed glass. This keeps your home climate controlled all year long. Additionally, make certain the window glass is Energy Star® rated, which is one of the highest available when it comes to energy efficiency. With over dozens of different colors and finishes, there’s a window style that will complement your home, increase its value, and make it look new again.


Not necessarily a home renovation, it certainly increases one’s property value and encourages buyers. It can definitely be the tipping point in your favor if selling the home and the choice comes down to you and another home. Many people have no idea where to start when it comes to profitable landscaping. Experts encourage DIYers to consult with a local company to develop a Master Plan and consider what your yard needs to be for you. Perhaps you need lots of open land for children to play in, or maybe you need to be careful of the delicate flowers planted due to a rambunctious Golden Retriever. Keep these things in mind as you investigate plants, furniture and hardscape. 

Special Financing Available

For anyone worried about having a big enough budget to restore and remodel their home, keep in mind that most companies have special financing available. Businesses will work closely with their financial affiliates and offer several different options that can be customized based on the homeowners needs. This includes conventional financing, debt consolidation, mortgage financing, and land-contract purchasing. For those considering remodeling in the future, a low interest credit card could be the answer to your budget concerns.

Restore Your Home Today and Invest in Your Future

There are numerous reasons why a family might decide to restore and renovate their home. 

- Improve the comfort and enjoyment

- Fix safety issues and concerns

- Increase the home’s value

- Make the home function better than ever before

- Improve a home’s efficiency and lower utility costs

- Update the style of a home

- Ready the house for sale

Whatever reasons you have for renovating and improving your home are the right ones, as there are no right or wrong reasons. It’s your home after all. If you want that sub-zero freezer and can afford it, go for it. But do it because it’s something you want and not because you think it will improve the value of the home. All renovations should be made with your own needs in mind and not what someone else might appreciate. 

Experts encourage homeowners to decorate according to their own style and fashions, not because they’re trying to be trendy. Trends will go the way of the wind and may not interest you down the road. Then, the money was just wasted. Choose long-lasting changes and leave trendy to the accessories that can be easily replaced and swapped out in the years to come. 

Pros also suggest that you don’t shoot to make your home the biggest and fanciest in the neighborhood. Should you decide to sell, buyers don’t want to purchase one that is valued high above the neighborhood value. Take a look at the comps for your neighborhood and shoot to improve no more than 10% of the average.