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How to keep your home smelling fresh when you have pets

23rd February 2021 Print

We understand that your pet is part of the family and you love them regardless of the way they smell – even if they have you reaching for a clothes peg every now and again. 

However, keeping your house fresh while you have a furry friend can be a bit of a challenge. Don’t worry though, we have a few go-to tips to keep your home smelling as fresh as a spring day.

From keeping up to date with your pet grooming routine, to getting a good hair removal process in place – we’ve got all you need in this article.

Groom, groom, groom

The headache of pet owners everywhere is pesky loose hair. There’s an incredibly simple way around this – get your hands on a quality grooming kit and plan a pamper routine for your pet.

If your furry friend is a dog, keep in mind it’s not advised to shampoo them too regularly and it also varies between breeds. However, it’s advised to give them a wash with a gentle pet shampoo around every three months but brushing can be part of a daily routine, or every other day depending on the type of coat.

Sweep and mop hard floors

Now we’ve dealt with a routine for pampering your pup, it’s time to apply a bit of TLC to your home. This starts with committing to sweeping and mopping your hard floors on a regular basis. By doing this you’ll get rid of dust and any hair you didn’t catch while you were grooming.

Vacuum regularly

Our tip for cleaning carpets and other flooring/upholstery would be to get a vacuum that’s specifically designed to pick up pet hair. You’ll discover lots of products to choose from in this area. 

For the interests of eliminating pet odour, it’s also a good idea to regularly empty and clean the drum of your vacuum and change the filter – you might even consider popping scents in the drum.

Clean pet beds and freshen upholstery

Adding pet bed covers and beds to the washing machine and hanging them outside to dry can quickly eradicate smells. The same goes for any cushion covers or throws on sofas. 

Vacuuming soft furnishings thoroughly and sprucing them up with a refreshing spray can also be transformative.

Throw open the windows

Sometimes waving goodbye to unsavoury smells is as simple as opening windows on a blue sky day to let in lots of lovely fresh air. This isn’t just good for pet odour – it’s amazing if you’ve cooked strong-smelling meals, too!

Invest in a professional carpet clean

Not everyone has access to a carpet cleaner, so it’s a good idea to book in a professional clean to breathe fresh life into your carpets every now and then. For homes without pets, it’s advised to make this an annual booking, so if you’re having troubles with pet odour getting this done once every six months to a year will help. 

Getting your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned helps to lay the foundations for freshness and helps you with all the other great work you’re doing.

Supplement your hard work

Simply trying to mask pet odour with air fresheners, wax melts and scented without putting the cleaning work above unfortunately won’t work. However, supplementing your cleaning work with a combination of these things can certainly help.

Remember – check that any cleaning products or fresheners you use are pet friendly before use.

We hope these tips for keeping your home smelling fresh when you have pets have been helpful. Keep on top of your pooch or kitty’s grooming routine and your cleaning schedule and your house will smell as though it’s been spring cleaned every single day.