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Traveling by car: Essentials to take with you

24th February 2021 Print

Traveling is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a person, but everyone should take it seriously, especially when you travel by car.

What do you think about when you hear the word "travel"? The chances are high that it is about visiting some stunning places, meeting new people and getting new experiences and bright emotions. However, you should remember about the high importance of preparation to get the best out of such activity. Any journey requires thorough preparation, especially when it comes to traveling by car. Firstly, you should double sure that your vehicle is ready to drive you wherever you want. So, if you don't want to find yourself in trouble, it is crucial to take care of a technical service beforehand. Secondly, you should deal with all the open issues, especially health ones. Thirdly, you should decide on what things you should take with you on a trip. And it's not only about a spare wheel or a tow wire. Some essentials can come in handy and make your life happier when traveling by car.


It would not be superfluous to use a dashcam all the time and not just when you go on a trip. However, its importance rises in the latter case, so it is high time to purchase a reliable dashcam in advance. You never know when you can face a challenge on the road, so it is better to have a guarantee that your rights will be protected if you get into a road accident. It is always great to record a true situation and have something that can get your back in unforeseen circumstances.

Voltage changer

It is all about an inverter, a device that converts direct current into alternating current. You can connect the device to the vehicle's on-board network with 12 V at the input and 220 V at the output with a frequency of 50 Hz. How can you use it? For example, if your laptop or smartphone, or camera is dead, you can recharge it. Of course, you will not be able to use a microwave, but you will hardly decide to take it with you on a road trip. 


If you go on a road trip with a big company and have at least several more cars, you should decide how you will communicate on the road. Mobile phones are not always a safety ring, especially if you are going abroad. It can be quite expensive to keep communication between teams when in roaming, and a cellular signal can disappear in some rural areas. And if you get a reliable walkie-talkie, it will work within several kilometers regardless of cell towers in the area.

Food and goodies

You can always find hotels and grocery stores on highways and gas stations, but sometimes you will have to spend a pretty penny on usual things. You will hardly find prices like in supermarkets. So, if you don't plan to spend the lion's share of your trip budget on food, it is worth grabbing some snacks with you. It would be just awesome if you get a small fridge suitable for road trips. Thus, you will be able to take more food options. If you go on a journey with children, you will not do without sandwiches and various goodies. Besides, it is also important to take enough water bottles.

Camping essentials

Depending on your budget and vehicle, you might consider camping instead of a hotel or motel. You can also read an xtm rooftop tent review to get acquainted with another amazing option. Camping is a cheap and easy way to meet new people. If you have a large car or van, you can sleep in it at some campsites, gas stations, and store parking lots. Camping in resort areas can cost a penny, but it is worth giving it a try if it is located on the very shore or another picturesque place.


It is hard to imagine a cool road trip without a stunning playlist. Indeed, few things create such a great combo as music and journey. Thus, you should take this step seriously and devote enough time to creating a worthy playlist or two. Of course, you can listen to the radio, but the signal may disappear in certain areas, so you may find yourself in silence. And if you plan a long road trip, it is easy to get bored. Just don't forget to take a USB cable or a disc with downloaded music. If you don't have an in-built record player but have a portable Bluetooth speaker, it can also work out.

First aid kit

Surely, you will take it with you on a trip in any case, but a reminder will not be superfluous. Your first aid kit should involve an anesthetic, sorbent, antihistamine, local disinfectants, bandages, and plasters. If you or one of the passengers takes specific medications, it is also important not to forget them: it may be difficult or even impossible to buy them on the spot.

Cash and credit cards

If you rent a car, you might know that you need a credit card with a fairly large limit. The rental office will freeze a deposit on your account until you return the car. So, make sure to take a credit card with a limit of $2000-3000. Even if you take your car, it's good to have cash with you, especially if you plan to use toll roads or stop at gas stations. This way, you will avoid unnecessary complications if the card machine is off.