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How to make sure the air is clean at your home

7th March 2021 Print

People often think that air pollution is an issue that does not affect them indoors. Many homeowners think that they can simply shield themselves from toxic air by staying indoors as they believe the air quality in their homes is automatically better than that outside. However, in many cases, it can be the complete opposite. If you are not careful enough, the air quality in your home can change rapidly, and you may end up breathing polluted air within your own house. That is why it is important for all homeowners to keep an eye on the quality of air within their homes to ensure they are living happy and healthy lives. 

Here is how you can make sure the air in your home is as clean as it can be.

Clean Carefully

A common issue that often causes air pollution indoors is dust particles flying in the air as a result of unclean furniture or surfaces around the house. In order to live a happy and healthy life, you need to have a clean house with clean surfaces and furniture. However, the way you clean your home can end up polluting the air if you are not careful enough. When you are cleaning the house, you need to make sure you are not sending dust particles flying into the air. If you are using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, then make sure the vacuum has a built-in HVAC system that will collect small dust particles and lock them in so that they don’t end up back in the air. You can also invest in steam cleaners that wipe away all the dirt from surfaces and furniture in an effective and green manner without allowing toxins or dust particles to escape. 

Change Filters

The majority of homes nowadays have central ventilation air systems that work on ensuring the air indoors is clean and the temperatures are suitable throughout the year. Some homeowners wonder why there are two filters in their air systems, and the answer is they are there to recirculate air and collect any dust flying around to ensure the air you breathe is clean enough. Since air filters play such an important role in keeping the air in your home fresh and clean all year round, it is important that you change the filters regularly so that the dust they collect does not end up back in the air and pollute your space. 

Stop Smoking Indoors

One of the first steps you should take to ensure the air in your home is clean is to stop smoking indoors. Whether you are a heavy smoker or you enjoy the occasional recreational cigarette or vape, the smallest amount of smoke you produce will have a big impact on your home’s air quality. To make sure the air in your home is clean, take your smoking outside where you are not blowing smoke indoors or try to quit the habit entirely. Many smokers think if they simply open a window after having a cigarette the air will be clean and pure in a matter of minutes; however, that is not the case. If you have to smoke, leave the house entirely and ensure the toxic fumes cannot make their way back indoors. 

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Increase Ventilation

There is nothing better for the air quality in your home than allowing natural fresh air inside and ventilating your place on a regular basis. Even if you take all the necessary measures to keep the air in your home clean by changing filters and enforcing a no-smoking rule indoors, you will still need some actual fresh air to come in so that you keep a healthy balance. Simply opening one or two windows for a couple of hours every day can do the trick and make the air indoors as clean as possible and give you that fresh feeling you are looking for inside your house. 

Breathing fresh air in your home is a basic life necessity that every homeowner needs to prioritize. Keeping the air in your home clean is fairly simple; all you need to do is keep the place ventilated and ensure any pollution sources are eliminated. Make sure you take your smoking outside if you are a smoker and remember to change the air filters in your ventilation system from time to time. When it comes to cleaning your home, try to use safe cleaning appliances that will not spread dust around and crack open a window or two to let fresh air in and recirculate the air indoors.

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