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What are the top causes of traffic accidents and how to avoid them

31st March 2021 Print

Speeding and reckless driving may help you reach your destination faster, but they are also two of the major leading causes of injury and death, with thousands of victims getting severely or fatally injured in car accidents every year. As a driver, your main responsibility is to play your part and stay vigilant on the road to avoid potential incidents that may compromise your safety or your life. 

However, many drivers fail to comply with the traffic rules and end up putting everyone’s lives at risk. If you want to become a better driver and avoid road mishaps, this article is for you. Here are the most common causes of car accidents and how you can avoid them. 

Distracted Driving 

Distractions to the driver are the number one cause of road accidents. The proliferation of new distracting habits has made this even worse. It’s normal these days to pass by a driver on the highway who’s scrolling through an app on their phone while driving. The more we normalize habits like this, the more ingrained they will be and the more often we’ll encounter them daily. As a driver, make sure you pull over to the side before having to perform any task while driving. It’s always better to wait until you arrive at your destination to finish any task or take care of something that would have distracted you while driving. 

Drunk Driving 

Drunk driving or driving under the influence is one of the leading causes of road crashes. A drunk person takes longer to make decisions and react to immediate situations. That’s why driving under the influence is illegal. It’s recommended to avoid driving after taking any kind of drugs, including prescription medications that may make you drowsy. Among all DUI cases, drunk driver truck accidents are the most common. This is because many drivers purposefully break the traffic laws to make their deliveries on time, while others tend to be distracting while driving.


Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a broad range of illegal and reckless behaviors that drivers show on the road regardless of the safety of others. These behaviors include speeding, making illegal U-turns, braking sharply, driving toward oncoming traffic, driving between lanes, and switching lanes before indicating. Reckless driving is annoying and frustrating for other drivers, and it may also lead to tragic accidents that could have been avoided. To stay away from such behaviors, one should aim to stay calm while driving no matter how much pressure you experience on the road. It’s also important to stick to the speeding limits and follow the traffic laws.

Road accidents lead to the injury and death of thousands of victims every year. Most of these accidents are preventable and could be avoided if the drivers are responsible and compliant with the traffic rules. Drivers should respect their duty of care and act cautiously on the road to protect themselves and other drivers and pedestrians around them. They should also avoid distractions and never get behind the wheel after drinking or taking any form of drugs. 

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