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5 reasons everyone should move to Portugal

23rd May 2021 Print

With its warm climate and welcoming culture, Portugal has proved hugely popular with sun seeking holidaymakers, and over the last decade, it has seen a meteoric rise as one of Europe’s top holiday hotspots. 

But given that so many of us are considering whether to relocate to another part of the world in the post-pandemic era, is this pretty part of the Iberian Peninsula also a great place to live?

We reckon so, and you will too after reading these five reasons everyone should move to Portugal. 

1. Beaches

From the Algarve to the Silver coast, Portugal is famous for fantastic beaches and beautiful waters. 

Seaside towns like Cascais, Ferragudo, Aljezur and Albufeira are legendary  ?  whether you want to live by the sea or just be in close proximity, the turquoise oceans and golden sands are easy to fall in love with. 

2. Golf

If you’re a golf fanatic, you’ll happily spend hours struggling to get that small ball in a ridiculously tiny hole in any weather.

But teeing off and putting perfectly on well-kempt greens in the sunshine sure beats thrashing about in the mud and Portugal has its fair share of top-notch golf courses, including the iconic Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, West Cliffs and The Faldo Course. 

3. City life

As a safe country that’s welcoming for incomers, Portugal has plenty of cities that are a pleasure to live in.

Porto is set on the banks of the River Douro and famous for its port wine production and delicious food, while Braga is historic, affordable and has good healthcare and Madeira’s Funchal is another savvy pick. Don’t forget the laid-back, beautiful capital though  ?  realty specialists Property Lisbon can attest to its perpetual popularity. 

4. Cuisine

Whether you want haute cuisine or cheap street food, your tummy won’t rumble for long in Portugal.

Peixe Grelhado (grilled fish) tastes great, as does a Francesinha (cheese and smoked meat sandwich). But one of the simplest pleasures is the pastel de nata. Pick up one of these cinnamon-dusted custard tarts from a street vendor and wash it down with a strong coffee  ?  lush! 

5. Culture 

Talk about diversity  ?  Portugal’s melting pot is packed to overflowing with diverse cultural influences. 

Everyone from the Celts to the Visigoths, Vikings and Moors have made their mark on the nation and that’s what makes it so unique and dynamic. If you like contemporary culture, don’t miss the paintings and photography at Arte AFK in Lisbon, while you’ll hear the melancholy sounds of Fado folk music drifting around many a town and city street. February is Carnaval time, and the costumes are outrageously colourful, while the light and flower displays during Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Braga are breath-taking. Finally, during the Feast Day of St Anthony in June, Lisbon’s Alfama area is enlivened by lights, streamers and the distinctive smell of grilled sardines. 

And voila! Five reasons you should move to Portugal. 

Send us a postcard once you’re settled in.