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Home Cinemas: The Advantages

17th September 2021 Print
home cinema

We are now living in an age where most things that previously had to be done in person can now be completed online. Whether this is a good or bad thing long-term is an argument for another day, though humans can agree the increased convenience is invaluable. After all, who wants to go into town just to go to the bank when they can access most of its services simply by pulling out their phone? There is no doubt that the digital revolution is slowly replacing many physical-based establishments in favour of their online siblings, and this could not be truer when it comes to the film industry.

The recent lockdowns sped up the rate at which the public is heading towards a fully online life. While many were kept at home, they realised that everything they usually did could still be accessed online. This included things like online shopping or gambling, find some sportsbooks here, but also would have included many people watching films and series by streaming them. Streaming is the hottest new way to watch media online and offers a range of benefits that make it rival or even better going to a traditional cinema. This presents a clear problem to the industry, which typically relies on cinema tickets to survive. Despite this, creating a home cinema setup is still a great investment to make, and here’s why.

As most people will know, going to the cinema is not free. In fact, compared to what people receive, they can often be expensive to some people. The ticket will typically be the thing that costs the least, but then people must consider that they have spent on travel expenses and when buying food and drinks – which often prove to be extortionate. When people consider a home cinema instead, they will realise that these costs are ridiculous compared to what they could be paying. Apart from the cost of setting it up in the first place, the only price that people will need to pay is the monthly subscription fees for the various streaming services.

Along with costing less overall, home cinemas also beat traditional ones when it comes to convenience. It is a common scenario where people leave for an anticipated film, but hit heavy traffic, making them anxious and, inevitably, late for the film. With a home cinema, this simply does not happen as whenever the whole family is ready, they can simply gather in the appropriate room and begin watching in their own time. This benefit can also be seen while the film is playing. Those who are watching in normal cinemas will know of the struggle when they need to go to the toilet but do not want to miss vital parts of the movies. It is a dilemma that we all have been faced with at least one, but this was needless as with a home cinema, the film can simply be paused and resumed five minutes later.

Going to the cinema is still a fun experience and it is hard to beat the excitement of going into a full theatre on the day of release for an anticipated movie. However, this will not be enough to persuade the public to transfer from streaming and the industry will need to make drastic changes if it hopes to keep its customers.

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home cinema